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Dear supporters, adopters and friends

Please consider making a New Year donation for our foster dogs … even just a few dollars will help! As 2014 arrives our foster dogs face multiple challenges and need your support.

If you are planning your Christmas or Year's End charity giving, please consider helping our little rescue. A trip to the vet a few days ago for Daisy's meds has practically obliterated our vetting funds. Penny will need to be spayed as soon as we can in the New Year, and Daisy is showing new symptoms which need investigating - the Vanectyl-P may not be the best meds for her anymore. Total for both should be around $500-$600, unless something new and more serious is now wrong with little Daisy.

For a tax deductible donation that can only be paid out to a veterinarian, you can use this link to our Giving Page:
Blue Moon Rescue’s Giving Page

For a regular donation that we can use for Penny's obedience class that begins on January 5th (Reactive Rover - $198), or for food and other dog care items (or vetting too of course), you can use Paypal or Interac etransfer to our address, or CDN or US cheques can be mailed to P.O. Box 87, Winchester, Ontario K0C2K0

Like many other rescues, we experienced reduced general monetary donations in 2013. Thanks to your support from 2010 to 2013 we raised about $20,000 for particular surgical cases like Daisy, Piper, Lizzie, Maya, etc, but general donations, adoption fees, sales and multiple events we set up have not covered this year’s costs. Daisy’s constant skin care, vet visits and medication average out to about $100 a month; other costs like glucosamine and other usual care items.

Every donation helps, no matter how small! Any amount is appreciated… if your friends and family contribute $2, $3 or $5 apiece, it adds up very quickly!

We thank all those individuals, businesses and sister rescues who have assisted our dogs this year. Thanks to your support we rescued some absolutely wonderful dogs that no one else wanted, and when we see their happy faces in their wonderful new forever homes we know it is all worthwhile.

Thank you! We wish all of you the very best for 2014!

The Blue Moon Rescue team


Four very talented students in Television Broadcasting at Algonquin College here in Ottawa have produced a professional video about our rescue! We are so grateful to the team and their Professor :0) Check it out! And please… share it with your co-workers, friends and families!


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Blue Moon Rescue (formerly Blue Moon Catahoula and Big Dog Rescue) is a non-profit, all-breed pet rescue based in the Ottawa-Cornwall-Brockville triangle in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

The needs of our area as well as the varied interests of our core volunteers have prompted a timely re-definition of our identity, and a broadening of our mandate and mission. We are still essentially a dog rescue but as before will help with other species when possible. We will help any dog we have the space and resources to handle.

Thanks to our acceptance as members of our umbrella association Helping Homeless Pets, donations to our rescue can now be tax deductible for Canadian taxpayers. This wonderful change will enable us to help dogs with greater medical or behavioural challenges than we were previously able to handle.

We hope you will join us in this renewal and on our continuing journey.


- to help with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of homeless dogs; most are slated for euthanasia in overcrowded pounds and shelters in Ontario and beyond;
- to assist dog owners with advice and training so that they may keep the dogs they already have;
- to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, especially in regards to choosing the proper pet, spaying and neutering all pets, providing proper training of puppies and older dogs, and preventing dog bites with children;
- to constitute a fund to enable us to provide medical care for local homeless dogs;
- to form a group of volunteers interested in setting up a pet food bank in our area;
- to help transport dogs to rescue with other reputable rescue groups.

Please contact us for a chat if you are interested in helping our pet community in any way!


Adopting an animal is an important commitment, we are looking for truly forever homes for our pets. The adoption process involves filling out an application, vet and other reference checks, a thorough interview and a home visit. Our aim is to provide the very best match possible for you and our pets. Please contact us for details!

Our adoption fee for most dogs is $400, which helps offset the costs of vetting and daily care for our foster dogs. All our adoptable pets receive basic vetting, are spayed or neutered, and are on parasite prevention. We also have a qualified trainer to help resolve any problems that arise after the adoption, or refer you to a more specialized trainer if needed. We commit to these dogs for the duration of their lives and want to see them succeed as new members of your family!

Though local adoptions are easier on the animals, we can occasionally approve long distance adoptions as we belong to a network of responsible rescuers who assist each other with applications and screenings. Through this network we are able to transport almost anywhere.

For information about one of our dogs or to obtain an adoption application, please email us at

If we do not have the right dog for you we will be happy to refer you to other ethical rescues who may be able to help you out.


***Under construction***


Adoption fees help but do NOT cover the average actual costs of vetting and caring for these dogs during their stay with us, especially if they require extra care that prolongs their time in foster care. Then of course, one must add monthly parasite prevention, meds they are taking, etc. for all the months they are with us. Blue Moon is a private non-profit group and receives no public funding. Please consider donating to help us care for our wonderful dogs and find them the forever homes they need. Any amount, great or small, is greatly appreciated.

For a tax deductible donation that can only be paid out to a vet, you can use this link to our Giving Page:
Blue Moon Rescue’s Giving Page

For a regular donation that we can use for Daisy’s special shampoo, for preventatives, for any needed training or behaviour consultations, for food and other dog care items, you can use Paypal or Interac etransfer to our address, or mail a cheque. Thank you!


- donate gas cards for our foster families & other volunteers who drive our dogs around so much
- donate toys and chews: Kongs, Nylabones or other durables
- donate bedding: used blankets, comforters, bath rugs with non-skid backing, dog beds
- donate office supplies: Lexmark 16, 26, 17 or 27 ink cartridges, copy paper
- donate used kennels, X-pens, crates and fencing ...
- donate a serviceable used snowblower to keep the fence line free of snow and the dogs in !

Even if you cannot foster a dog or donate, your assistance is still invaluable ! We need volunteers to help:

- screen foster and adoption applications
- walk foster dogs in public places with a little "Adopt Me" vest where they can be seen by potential adopters, like pet stores, markets or dog parks
- photograph our foster dogs for the web
- practice obedience training or help with rehab of our foster dogs
- post our "Available dogs" poster on bulletin boards in various spots such as vet clinics, dog parks, pet or other stores. The poster can be emailed to you to print out and post
- create our much needed web site or help with other computer projects
- prepare and distribute donation cans
- help install fencing and kennels
- many other possibilities!

Patented Kuranda Dog Beds We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.


ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, our Wordpress blog, is up and running! Updates are posted as time permits but we really need a blogger to keep it up to date.

Click here for our blog ONCE IN A BLUE MOON - News and Adoptable Pets

Facebook: coming soon!


Join this Facebook group and help MP Cheri Di Novo in her fight against the Breed Specific Law in Ontario: center>

Click here to Support Cheri Di Novo In Removing ALL Aspects of BSL in Ontario

**Under construction**

We wish to thank Casselman Veterinary Clinic, Alexandria Veterinary Hospital, Clinique Vétérinaire du Plateau and Dundas Veterinary Services for their great care of our foster dogs!… Heartfelt thanks!

Need to board your dog? Try Dogs N Company in Embrun... wonderful personal service to each dog. Ann and all the staff visibly love the dogs and make them feel right at home. Call them at 613-443-6644 and leave a message because they will likely be out with the dogs!

If you have never been to PetValu, you should give them a try. The service is very personal, they know their foods and are great friends to our rescued dogs!


Most of our dogs are in private foster homes... For information about a dog or to obtain an adoption application, please email us at !

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Nos chiens disponibles !

Cliquez ici pour voir nos chiens adoptés !

Traduction incomplète … nous manquons de temps, désolés!!

Nous sommes un petit organisme de secours animal sans but lucratif, situé dans le triangle formé par Ottawa, Cornwall et Brockville, dans l’Est ontarien.

Les besoins de notre région, ainsi que les intérêts variés de nos bénévoles, nous ont poussés a redéfinir notre identité et à élargir notre mission. De manière générale, nous secourons encore les chiens, mais nous aiderons encore d`autres espèces lorsque possible. Nous aidons tout chien pour lequel nous avons l'espace et les ressources nécessaires.

Grâce à notre récente admission au groupe Helping Homeless Pets, il est dorénavant possible d`obtenir un reçu pour fins d`impôts lorsque vous effectuez un don à notre organisme. Cette merveilleuse nouvelle nous permettra d`aider des chiens présentant des défis plus importants au niveau de la santé ou des comportements.

Nous espérons que vous nous accompagnerez dans ce renouveau!


- secourir, réhabiliter et trouver de nouvelles familles pour les chiens de toute race; la plupart proviennent de fourrières surpeuplées de l’Ontario et d’ailleurs, où ils sont destinés à l’euthanasie;
- aider les propriétaires à garder les animaux qu’ils ont déjà en fournissant des conseils ou de l’entraînement;
- éduquer le public quant aux responsabilités qui accompagnent la possession d’animaux, notamment en ce qui concerne le choix initial d un compagnon, la stérilisation, l’entraînement des chiots ainsi que des chiens plus âgés, et la prévention de morsures chez les enfants;
- constituer un fonds nous permettant de fournir des soins médicaux aux chiens abandonnés de notre région;
- former un groupe de bénévoles oeuvrant à l établissement d’une banque alimentaire pour les animaux de compagnie de notre région;
- aider au transport d’animaux secourus vers d’autres organismes de secours de bonne réputation.


L’adoption d’un animal représente un engagement important, nous recherchons des foyers réellement permanents. Le processus d’adoption comporte une demande à remplir, des vérifications de références vétérinaires et autres, une entrevue et une visite à domicile. Notre objectif est de trouver le meilleur “mariage” possible pour votre famille ainsi que pour nos chiens et chats. SVP écrivez-nous pour d’autres détails!

Les frais d’adoption pour la plupart de nos chiens sont de 400$, ce qui aide à défrayer le coûts des soins vétérinaires et quotidiens. Nos animaux reçoivent tous les soins vétérinaires nécessaires, sont stérilisés, et reçoivent de la prévention parasitaire. Nous avons aussi une entraîneure qualifieé qui peut vous aider à résoudre tout problème survenant après l’adoption, ou vous référer à un entraîneur spécialisé s’il y a lieu. Nous nous engageons pour la vie auprès de nos chiens et désirons que leur adoption dans votre famille soit un succès!

Bien que l’adoption locale soit l’option préférable pour les animaux, nous pouvons parfois accepter des adoptions à distance car nous appartenons à un réseau d’organismes de secours responsables, dont les membres s’entraident au niveau des adoptions et du transport vers… presque partout!

Pour obtenir davantage d’information, ou pour soumettre une demande d’adoption pour un de nos chiens, veuillez communiquer avec nous à l’adresse suivante :

Si nous n’avons pas le bon chien pour vous, il nous fera plaisir de vous diriger vers d’autres groupes de secours qui pourront peut-être vous aider.


Cherchez-vous un défi valorisant? Offrez votre foyer à un chien ou un chat en danger!

Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de foyers d’accueil temporaires pour nous permettre de sauver des chiens dans le besoin. Si vous aimeriez sauver la vie d’un animal sans vous engager à long terme ni payer les factures de soins vétérinaires, cette option peut vous convenir! Transformez la vie d’un animal reconnaissant… vous adorerez votre expérience … Ecrivez ou appelez pour de l’information !


Nous remercions la Clinique Vétérinaire de Casselman, l’Alexandria Veterinary Hospital, la Clinique Vétérinaire du Plateau et Dundas Veterinary Services, qui s’occupent si bien de nos chiens secourus. Merci du fond du coeur! Rendez-leur visite:

Besoin de pension pour votre animal? Essayez la pension Dogs N Company à Russell, une excellente pension avec un service très personnel. Ann et ses employées adorent tous les chiens et les traitent comme les leurs. Appelez-les au 613-445-6644 et laissez un message, car elles seront sans doute avec les chiens!


La plupart de nos animaux habitent dans des foyers d'accueil privés... Pour de l'information sur un chien, ou afin d'obtenir une demande d'adoption, veuillez SVP nous écrire à, ou bien appelez-nous !

Blue Moon Rescue/Refuge de la Lune Bleue
Winchester, Ontario, K0C 2K0

Between Montreal, Cornwall, Brockville and Ottawa
Phone: 613-809-2858


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