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Who We Are

Introducing the Grand River All-Breed Animal Rescue, a brand new animal rescue and pet fostering and placement organization based in Cambridge, Ontario.

Our mission: As a non-profit animal rescue group our focus is:

* to adopt dogs, cats and other companion animals into suitable homes.

* to ensure that all dogs and cats placed by our rescue are spayed and neutered to ensure that we are not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

* to promote responsible and healthy pet care, including humane training techniques and healthy diets.

Our volunteers are understanding and caring people who are pet owners and caregivers. They understand the care and attention that pets require but also how fulfilling (if occasionally challenging) a life with pets can be. We're not here just for the animals, but for their owners as well!

Adopting a friend

Grand River All Breed Rescue's adoption process involves an adoption application, reference checks, and discussion about the potential adoptive home, including a home visit. We follow this process as we do have a responsibility to ensure that we place each pet in a home that is suitable and committed to caring for the pet for the rest of its' life.

Please note that we match our rescues to their new homes, and that filling out an adoption application, or proceeding with our adoption process does not guarantee the acceptance of an adoption application. We reserve the right to refuse an applicant for any reason, at our discretion.

Grand River All Breed Rescue
P.O. Box 32116
Preston Postal Outlet
Cambridge, ON N3H 5M2

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