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Who We Are

We are a rescue group dedicated to helping all dogs, of every breed. Our hearts though belong to Doodles. To us, Doodles including Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Schnoodles, Aussidoodles OR any dog that has been mixed with a poodle. Breeders, both good and bad have taken to using the poodle to breed with just about anything in the hopes of finding the next supposedly "hypo-allergenic" non shedding dog. This has led to many fad or designer type dogs, who somehow don't seem to live up to people's expectation of them. They end up unwanted, abandoned, or taken to shelters. These dogs mostly have a fuzzy, spikey or curly type coat that needs regular grooming. A lot of these dogs can and do shed, and they also grow bigger than most people think, and they usually have more energy than most people are ready for. It is our job to save them and find them homes with folks who know what they are getting themselves in for. These dogs are wonderful creatures, full of fun and energy and deserve the chance to have a wonderful life - education prepares the humans to help in that.

Adopting a friend

In order to adopt a Doodle, an adoption screening form must be completed in detail, a home visit will be conducted, and Veterinarian checks will be done. This is to ensure us that each dog, is being matched with best home to help ensure it is the last home this dood will have.

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We do not have a shelter as such, and use foster homes to help the dogs adjust to a home life environment. We find this transition helps prepare them for their forever home.
Doodle Dog Rescue

Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-240-6033

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