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If you are a first time ferret owner looking to adopt, please DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy our adopt a ferret. The Following Are Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Ferrets. If you are considering adding a ferret to your family you NEED to read the following.

1. Ferrets are great "starter pets" for children

Ferrets need training. Just like any puppy or kitten, ferrets need to learn the rules of the house and proper manners. NO PET should be left unattended with a child. Ferrets require a MINIMUM of 2 hours with their family to play and socialize. They bond to all members of the family, not just one. Ferrets are highly intelligent and need activities and toys to keep their minds busy.

2. Ferrets are wild/exotic animals

Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years. The domestic ferret does not exist as a species in the wild.

3. Ferrets are vicious

Ferrets without training are as vicious as any puppy. They will nip to get your attention and to initiate play. These nips are more surprising than anything, and rarely break the skin. With gentle training, ferrets can easily be taught more appropriate ways to seek attention.

4. Ferrets are rodents

Ferrets are NOT rodents. They are related to weasels and evolved from the pole cat. They are more closely related to house cats than they are to rodents.

5. Ferrets are happy without the company of other ferrets

Ferrets are extremely social and most ferrets enjoy the company of other ferrets. Unless you are home 24/7 with your pet it is a good idea to have more than one. There are some ferrets who do not like other ferrets, however these are the clear minority.

6. Ferrets do not bond to their families

Because ferrets are such highly social animals, they bond very closely to not only other ferrets but also to their human families. When displaced or abandoned, many ferrets become so depressed that they will refuse food and pine for their family. This can occasionally result in death.

7. Ferrets are dirty

Ferrets are very clean animals, who spend time grooming and can be reliably trained to a litter box. Ferrets do have a musky odour, however a proper diet (with the appropriate supplements) and regular cage cleaning will make them barely noticeable. An overwhelming ferret smell usually has more to do with the owner not taking the time to clean properly than the ferret being dirty.

8. Ferrets can escape and reproduce in the wild

Mass breeders of ferrets in Canada alter (spay/neuter) their ferret kits before selling them. Almost all ferrets in Canada come from these breeders. Male ferrets who are unaltered can become easily agitated and have a strong odour, while unaltered females who are allowed to go into heat will not come out of heat unless they are bred. This often results in the death of the female from loss of blood. Because of this, responsible ferret owners who purchase an unaltered ferret will opt to have it spayed or neutered. Therefore there is only a handful of ferrets in private homes who are left unaltered and the chances of them escaping and finding each other is remote. Also because ferrets have been domesticated for so long, most would not last long in the wild.

If you are interested in adopting a pet from us, please take the time to fill out our Adoption Application BEFORE contacting us.

Adoption fees are NOT negotiable. The adoption fee pays for the medical expenses as well as the cost of housing the animal while it was in the shelter. Any additional donations go into feeding and caring for animals who are still at the shelter waiting to be adopted. Without donations and adoption fees, we would no longer be able to help the animals in need.

Unable to adopt? Contact us to find out how you can sponsor or foster and still help an animal in need.



Ferrets For Life shelter for ferrets has partnered with Friends Of A Feather bird rescue and sanctuary of Durham Region Ontario to save even more furry and feathered lives.

Both of our rescues are in great need of dedicated volunteers as well as experienced foster homes to continue our work to save these wonderful animals. If you would like to help out animals in need, contact us.


*Loving foster homes for every pet in need

*Bedding (any kind of bedding or litter)

*Food (Ferret, small animal, bird)

*Cages and carriers (any kind or size)

*Nutritional supplements (ferret, bird, small animal)

*Monetary donations to pay for veterinary care

*Ferret, small animal shampoo

*Water bottles, food dishes, litter pans/boxes (any kind or size)

*Blankets and toys (ferret, small animal, bird)

*Small animal, cat nail clippers

*Dedicated volunteers willing to donate time to help feed and clean the animals


Who We Are

Ferrets For Life is a rescue for ferrets and other small exotic animals. We are a no kill shelter that is run by volunteers. Our goal is to find LIFETIME homes for these unwanted and abandoned animals. We try to place almost all of our animals in foster care so that they can get the attention that they deserve, while they wait to be adopted.

Ferrets For Life was originally created to provide a safe haven for unwanted or abused ferrets. There are many myths surrounding the domestic ferret and because of this, these animals have been persecuted for many years. Many people still believe that ferrets are wild and vicious animals, while in reality the pet ferret has been domesticated for thousands of years. There are far less incidents of ferrets biting people then there are dog bites. The reason that ferrets are generally not a good pet for young children is because they require a high level of care. Ferrets are extremely intelligent and social animals. They become depressed and lonely without daily interaction. Ferrets bond closely to their human families, and many abandoned ferrets will die of a broken heart. They also form very strong bonds with each other, and we almost always recommend adopting more than one ferret for this reason.

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Friends Of A Feather is dedicated to helping inform the public on the care and challenges that is required when bringing a bird of any size or species into a family. They are committed to finding LIFETIME homes to adoptable birds and providing a permanent residence to birds that are deemed to be unadoptable because of behavioral or other issues.

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Adopting a friend

To adopt an animal from either one of our rescue groups the same procedure is required. Adopting a new family member is a big decision. We want to make sure that you are bringing home a pet that is going to fit in well with your lifestyle and family. If you are looking at adopting from us, there are some steps that you need to go through. First you need to fill out our adoption application form. If you are approved to adopt an animal from us, a shelter volunteer will contact you. We will then schedule a home visit with you so that we can ensure that you are the best possible home for this animal. After the home visit you will have to sign the adoption contract, and then it's time to take your new buddy home.

PLEASE NOTE: Our time is very valuble both to us and to the animals. If we set up an appointment with you to come and meet one of our furry charges, you need to be there ON TIME. Time we waste waiting around for an appointment could be better spent helping animals in need. If you need to cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible. If you fail to show for an appointment, it is VERY UNLIKELY that we will make another one with you.


Come Visit Us!

If you would like to see the animals in our shelter, email us and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you.

Ferrets For Life and Friends Of A Feather
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