Homeward Bound Rescue

Who we are

Homeward Bound Rescue is a small group of volunteers in the Durham/Clarington area, trying to make a difference one pet at a time. We believe a pet is a lifetime commitment, who is a true part of the family! Not every breed of dog is suitable to each person's family/lifestyle so we take pride in knowing we match our dogs to the best possible homes. Our volunteers help with fostering and caring for those in our rescue, along with assisting with fundraising events to offset the costs of veterinary care for those who come to us sick, neglected or with untreated conditions.

All pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, vet checked, assessed and microchipped before adoption. 

Please visit us at www.homewardboundrescue.ca for more information.

What we do

We love the FLAT FACED BREEDS! Homeward Bound Rescue concentrates on the well being of BOXERS, BOSTONS, BULLDOGS, PUGS and many others! With several years of Boxer experience/rescue we seem to have had more Boxers then most breeds in our rescue. We do rescue different breeds of dogs, but we started off helping the Flat Faced breeds. These breeds often are a bit different then others and need a bit more care and attention. Many need wrinkles and bums cleaned daily, they need special surgeries, need special diets and controlled temperatures as they can not tolerate heat or extreme cold. If you are considering a Flat Faced dog you should learn certain terms as these breeds are prone to these issues; Cherry eye, entropian, skin fold dermatitis, cruciate, luxating patellas, bladder/kidney stones, tight tail, eye ulceration, dry eye, mast cell tumors and more!!!!!!!! *Please note we do not adopt dogs to families with children under 5 years old as of January 2012 and YOU must be 21years of age or older to adopt a dog from us!

News and Events


Homeward Bound Rescue relies on volunteers and donations from people like you in order to provide care to those dogs that come to our group. Many times these dogs need expensive veterinary care and most need to be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated. Please consider donating - any amount is greatly appreciated!
Your donations will help provide the veterinary care and support that all of the rescued dogs require when they come into our care. Please consider donating by clicking on one of the links below.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation via credit card

Click here to make a tax deductible donation via cheque

Contact info@homewardboundrescue.ca for more info


Do you know of a dog that needs help?

If you know of a flat faced dog (Boxer, Boston, Bulldog, Pug, or other) in need of a new home please contact us to see if we can help! We are available to help rescue dogs in need of new homes now!

Adopting a Friend

Please contact us by email for an adoption application!

If you have seen a furry friend you are interested in adopting please contact us at info@homewardboundrescue.ca. We will ask you to fill out our adoption application, will require references and conduct a home visit. An adoption contract and adoption fee applies to all animals. Adoption Fees are NOT negotiable, we have huge vet care bills. Each dog has individual health needs on top of spay/neuter, vaccines and microchip. Respect what we do and do not ask for a discount. WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT OF ONTARIO and in general stay within Clarington, Durham, South Kawartha and EAST GTA areas, we make make exceptions for a perfect family in Ontario.


How You Can Help

Donations are graciously accepted. Blankets, food, toys, crates and cash are always appreciated. If you can foster, help with transportation, or volunteer a special skill or service we would be interested in hearing from you. Contact info@homewardboundrescue.ca to let us know. If you wish to make a cash donation to help with veterinary costs, please contact our wonderful vet: *******DO NOT PHONE/CONTACT THEM IN REGARDS TO ADOPTING THEY ARE NOT AN ADOPTION FACILITY ONLY CONTACT US VIA E-MAIL!!!!!!*******

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services
303 Highway 7A Cavan, Ontario, L0A 1C0

They are taking donations for our account under: Homeward Bound Rescue for The Bulldogs AGAIN DO NOT CONTACT IN REGARDS TO ADOPTION E-MAIL HBR

Contact Us

Homeward Bound Rescue Newcastle, ON (serving Durham, Clarington, Newcastle and surrounding areas)
Email: info@homewardboundrescue.ca

You can also visit us at www.homewardboundrescue.ca for more information about our organization, including information about adopting, volunteering, and events.

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