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We work with the forgotten ones. The ones who have suffered mistreatment and neglect, the ferals who have never known love. We work to fix what society has broken in these precious individuals, by showing them the respect, love and care each has deserved to enjoy for his or her whole life. Our work takes time, it takes individual focus, effort and dedication, and it pays off in helping these beautiful animals to become the brave, confident animals they should have always been, able to show affection, warmth and an immense amount of gratitude. In adopting a rescued pet, you are not adopting a perfect specimen, but are adopting an incredible work in progress, and with your rescued pet you can form a most incredible bond, based on trust, compassion and love!


As a nation, we claim to love cats and dogs. Millions of households have pets, and billions of dollars are spent yearly on pet supplies and food. But as a nation, we should take a hard, sobering look at a different annual statistic: the millions of dogs and cats given up to shelters or left to die on the streets. And the numbers tell only half the story.

Every cat or dog who dies as a result of pet overpopulation, whether humanely in a shelter or by injury, disease, or neglect, is an animal who, more often than not, would have made a wonderful companion, if given the chance. Tremendous as the problem of pet overpopulation is, it can be solved if each of us takes just one small step, starting with not allowing our animals to breed.


Love for Life consists of a small group of foster homes, where we provide a stable and loving home environment for the rehabilitation of our rescued animals. Our cage-free foster homes promote a sense of safety and comfort, allowing our rescued pets to become accustomed to indoor living, and to the daily life and routines of being part of loving families. We work hard to provide a calm and safe setting where fearful and nervous animals can be assisted to gain the required social skills to come out of their shells, and to learn to feel at home among people, and other pets. The majority of our rescued pets are well socialized with cats and calm dogs, assisting them to become ready for happy and safe introductions to Forever Homes that already have pets, as loving and devoted pet parents. Love for Life is an organization run solely by volunteers that does NOT receive any funding or grants. We provide temporary or permanent care to ALL SPECIES ... Our compassion & service extends to BIRDS, REPTILES & RODENTS in addition to cats & dogs! In addition to offering a selection of our own animal companions for adoption, Love for Life provides foster care & feral cat socialization to other reputable, not for profit rescues. Love for Life is also a "Forever Home" for feral cats who would otherwise be euthanized because they are not suited as "pets". We support TNR, ( Trap, Neuter, Return ) programs & offer post op convalescent care for other organizations they TNR as a last resort to manage feral cat colonies. . Countless thousands of unwanted kittens, cats, dogs & puppies are KILLED on a daily basis for lack of a home...I know we can't save them all...but together we can save at least one! A kind loving home with YOU is the key ingredient!

Please open your hearts & your homes to a neglected, unloved & homeless cat or kitten that would otherwise be "put to sleep"!


Our cats & kittens are well socialized in a loving family environment...each & every one is loved & cherished! We want the very best for our foster adoption screening form / application is the tool to determine the most suitable homes for our "family".

In order to cover the substantial costs of ongoing rescue ,an adoption fee is would be impossible to manage veterinary costs & general upkeep otherwise.

The adoption fee includes a full physical examination by a veterinarian, treatment & medications for any acute illnesses, vaccinations, parasite eradication, ( worms, fleas, earmites ), spay or neuter surgery & ongoing support & assistance. .

Everything possible is done to ensure these kitties are healthy & well at the time of adoption. However, in their short lives,many of these kitties have endured some horrific conditions, ( starvation, exposure to the elements, infectious illnesses, stress form overcrowding & unfamiliar surroundings ) ... it is impossible to guarantee 100 % absence of illness!. NOTE: In the interest of your pet's safety : AN APPROPRIATE CAT CARRIER MUST BE PROVIDED BEFORE YOUR KITTY CAN BE RELEASED. .

Love for Life

Burlington, ON

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