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We are a group made of a few volunteers dedicated to help a Quebec pound named "Fourrière d’Alma 2007", located in a small town in Northern Québec (Alma) which also serves all the surrounding municipalities and villages which are mainly farm land, this is why the pound often gets over populated with puppies and large breed dogs. We work with people who care to save their local pound dogs lives and are willing to go the extra mile just like we are. We co-ordinate adoptions of these dogs to caring and loving homes. Our relationship with our adopters is based on a common goal: "save and enhance the lives of dogs who have been abused, abandoned or neglected". We are non funded and we do not seek donations. Many of the dogs you will see are still in their fareway pound waiting to be transported in Ontario. Because we do not have shelter and very limited foster homes we like to pre-adopt our rescue dogs to ensure they will be part of the next transport available. For successful applicants who are interested to pre-adopt a large breed dog but worry about the dog being suitable for their household because unable to see the dog which is still in the fareway pound, our "foster to adopt" program might be the solution. Please note that this program does not apply to small breed dogs, puppies or dogs already in a foster home in Ontario. if you want to become a foster family, please let us know.
SOS Quebec Ontario Dog rescue GTA GREATER TORONTO AREA - ON L6S 1W8
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