Siamese Rescue of Southern Ontario

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Who we are:

Siamese Rescue of Southern Ontario is a very small volunteer-run group aiding siamese cats that have been surrendered to shelters or given up by owners for any number of reasons. At times we assist other breeds when space is available and may help to retrieve a companion animal who is at risk in a shelter for an inquiring adoptive family.

What we do:

We provide needed veterinary care including vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries and FIV / Feline Leukemia combo testing to the cats that come into our care. Our policy of combo testing is to ensure our rescues are fully healthy and not placed into environments with other existing pets while having an unknown illness or disease that may be contagious or cause harm. In addition we provide any needed medication, worming, flea control when necessary and all care for the animal until they find their forever home.**

Any cat in our care is not in a shelter environment but in a private foster home being cared for, socialized, medicated if need be and given plenty of needed TLC. Foster families are always desperately needed. Having fosters for our rescues is the only way that we are able to save them from euthanasia if they are in a shelter. Fostering is one of the most important aspects of rescue. If you have space in your heart and home to provide foster care please contact us. We also need transportation help at times and in the past this has proven to be crucial to getting a pet to safety just in time. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

How to adopt and our policies:

Potential adopters / adoptive families are screened for the most suitable placement of cats into new families. We rely heavily on veterinary references / history and suitability. We care for each cat that comes into our program and look for the best possible homes and happy endings. We have an application form and will be glad to respond to your email. *****As we are not funded we generally request a minimum adoption donation for a rescued siamese of $200.00. This amount does not cover the rates we have established to provide the above listed care. At times adoption fees reflect the costs of care and may be higher or less. We are 100% non-profit and will use extra funds, if any, to save the next rescue. We consider adoption of an animal who is fully vetted extremely good value for adoptive families who may otherwise have to pay quite a lot more. If a cat requires extensive veterinary care we may ask for adopter support in offsetting costs unless a cat is sponsored. This amount may be less if veterinary costs are less extensive or if adopting a bonded pair or senior. Donations are always gratefully accepted. As we are non-profit our rescue work comes out of our own pockets.

****If we do not currently have pets available to forever homes we would like to strongly suggest that if someone is looking to adopt a needy, homeless animal and save a life at the same time they consider other treasures out there who may not be siamese. Please take a look at other local rescues--in particular the High Volume Hamilton Shelter where beautiful cats with wonderful temperaments are euthanized on a schedule of approximately 3 days a week. They have a day or two of viewing at best before being euthanized. Many of these pets are already spayed / neutered / declawed etc. We will try to aid an adoptive family in pulling these pets if help is needed.

Those interested in adoption or future adoption, fostering, sponsoring or becoming involved please request information from

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