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Barkin Rescue does not take in owner surrenders. We feel that it is an owners responsibility to rehome the dog they have choosen not to keep any longer. We at Barkin don't feel we can possibily take on the work of fostering dogs that people call us about and expect us to be able to take them in. Over the years, we've also dealt with many experiences where owners did not disclose all information to us about the dog and then we are left with severe medical conditions to deal with and behavioural challenges. It was your choice to bring the dog into your home and life in the first place, so it's your job to figure out a different future for it. It is not fair for folks to try and guilt rescues into taking on their unwanted dogs, it's YOU who is choosing to give your pet YOU can go about rehoming it. With that being said, we realize there can be hard circumstances out of one's control that contribute to a decision to give up your dog. For that reason, we would like to offer advice in responsibly and safely rehoming your pet.
In some circumstances, Barkin Rescue will 'COURTESY POST' your dog on our website. We can pre-screen folks that apply for your dog, then send them onto you for final decision if you think they are a good match for your dog. We would need lots of info about your dog, pictures and contact info in order to keep in close contact during screening of people who contact us.
If you decide to 'post' your dog on a public classified ad website, please NEVER post it for FREE. Animals are NOT free. Posting them as such only attracts irresponsible people who might even use your dog for other purposes other than a 'pet'. Responsible pet owners not only understand there is a small fee involved in bringing a new pet home...they expect it. ALWAYS ask questions before inviting someone to your home to meet your dog. If you would like a sample of questions to ask, please contact us at and we'll send you a list of useful questions to ask someone, so you can determine if they might be a good match for your dog. Thank you!


1)Introduce Yourself: Send us an intro e-mail to This e-mail should tell us about your lifestyle, home environment, etc. This initial e-mail will give us an indication on whether you may be a potential match for the dog you are applying for.

2)Complete our Adoption Application: If we feel as though you may be a good candidate for the dog you are applying for, we will forward you an electronic application for you to complete and return. Please make an effort to answer all questions and to provide sufficient detail. We ask that the application be sent back to us within 24 hours. If this will not be possible, please send us a brief email to let us know. We will make all efforts to review your application and get back to you with our feedback as soon as we can.

3)Phone Interview: If after review of your application we feel as though you would be a good match for the dog in which you are applying for, we will ask you to please give us a call to further discuss things over the phone. Again, we ask you to please call within 24 hours and if that is not possible to please let us know.

4)Adopt! After our screening process is complete you will be provided with the contact information for the foster home in which your potential new friend resides. Please call the foster home ASAP and arrange a convenient time for both the foster family and your family to meet. Meetings take place at the foster home, and we ask that they be scheduled by the next weekend. All family members MUST attend the adoption meeting. If you currently own a dog, they MUST come along as well! If both you AND the foster home agree the match is great, then you will take the dog home with you that day. We do not hold dogs.

FAQ about our adoption procedure:
Why won’t you hold the dog until we return from vacation next month? We are not a shelter and operate solely out of volunteer foster homes. It is not part of their volunteer responsibilities to “board” your new companion. Besides, many times a foster home will open their home again for another rescue who is waiting patiently in the shelter. Delaying the adoption process once a great match is found is delaying the rescue of another dog!

Do you offer trials? No. We do not feel as though it is in the best interest of the dog to move them to a home for a short period of time to let a family decide if the dog is right for them. Many times a dog needs weeks, if not months to settle into their new home. We are looking for homes who are devoted to their new companion and welcoming of an adjustment period.


Founded in 2003 by a dog lover named Mary, Barkin Rescue has always worked with rural shelters who often do not have many in house adoptions. Barkin is devoted to helping not only dogs, but also communities understand the importance of responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering. We work entirely out of volunteer foster homes, where each rescue dog lives in a home environment. Many of the dogs we pull from the shelter have never lived the live of a family dog, and need to learn basic things such as housetraining, leash training, basic house manners etc. We sincerely thank our foster homes for all of their love and devotion, they truly are the heart of our rescue! Barkin Rescue does not accept owner surrenders.

We thank our primary vet, Elgin Animal Hospital for their help and understanding care over the years. To make a donation to our vet account, you can call ELGIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL at 519 631 0430 and have any amount at all applied to our account. All adult dogs are altered, vaccinated and dewormed and treated for fleas where warranted. All adult dogs are heartworm tested. Obvious ailments afflicting a dog are treated(most common being eye, ear infections, uncommon worms, abrasions). Adoption fees are $300 for adult dogs, and $250 for young puppies, with a $50 rebate when proof is sent of alteration at the age of 6 months. These fees are subject to change in certain cases.


We are always happy to talk to families who are interested in becoming a foster home. Even if you open your home for a temporary refuge for one dog – that is one dog you are helping greatly! Please contact us to ask for some information regarding fostering.


Barkin Rescue operates primarily out of Glencoe Ontario, with several volunteers in London and surrounding areas.

Donations are always greatly appreciated! Please click on the “donate” button at the top of our page to make a donation towards medical expenses. We are graciously seeking donations of dog supplies (leashes, collars, bowls, toys, crates, carriers etc) as well as Advantage size 55 and 100, dewormer medication (Droncit and Panacur), and Metacam. We collect Canadian Tire money.


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