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Foster Families reside in the London, ON area. The adoption process includes FOUR STEPS and may take MANY DAYS to complete. A great match cannot be rushed and many people's schedules need to be taken into account while scheduling interviews. 

(1) An ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION must be submitted. This is available only on www.arfontario.com not petfinder. Click the ADOPT ME icon beside the photo of any adoptable animal on the arf website.

We try to reply to all successful applicants within 48 hours to schedule a telephone interview.

(2)TELEPHONE INTERVIEW. A VOLUNTEER will email to schedule a time to talk to all adults residing in your home. The telephone interview is forwarded to the foster family for a 48hr review.

(3) IN-PERSON INTERVIEW (if local) is then booked with the foster family to meet the animal if the foster family feels a grrreat match can be made based on the information you have provided in initial application and telephone interview. A successful in-person meeting would then result in a 24 hour waiting period for local adopters before.....

(4) FINALIZING THE ADOPTION and taking your new wonderful companion home!

PUPPY APPLICANTS OUT-OF-TOWN: Please be prepared to provide your puppy training class of choice as positive reinforcement class enrollment is a mandatory requirement of any puppy adoption from ARF. London area classes are included in the adoption fee.
Volunteer answered phoneline (leave message - long distance calls are returned collect and we cannot return collect calls to cell phones) : (519) 284-4445 . E-mail questions are preferred and answered within 24 hours.

Who We Are

ARF is a group of dedicated, loving VOLUNTEERS without a shelter/facility. This means all animals live in volunteer family environment foster care.

All of our dogs (and cats) spend approximately one month with volunteer families that work with a positive reinforcement trainer (www.awesomedogs.ca ) to begin housetraining, crate training, sits, recalls, and basic leash work. Our goal is to adopt out animals with solid, even temperaments, into families that consider their pets part of their family. Our animals receive the best in medical care, high quality diet, and excellent socialization before they are placed up for adoption.

A lot of wonderful work goes into each of these rescued creatures that we know deserve the best care for the rest of their lives. Our adoption process is designed to ensure we've done everything we can to set the companion animal and your family up for a successful life together. 

Our animals are all RURAL RESCUES – medium to extra-large mixed breed, 100% Pure Awesome Mutts that make wonderful companions for the dedicated and loving adopter. 
We look for adopters that are willing to embrace positive reinforcement training, understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover when adopting a MUTT, and will involve their companion in their everyday active lifestyles.

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