Homes for Abandoned Pets

A non-profit volunteer effort providing care and rehabilitation for homeless dogs and occasionally cats

Our Adoptable Pet List

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You are welcome to e-mail or phone for additional info on any of these pets.

Providing a little information about yourself and your lifestyle, will enable us to determine if the animal that you are interested in may be a potential "match".

Additionally, please indicate where you live (city / town), as this will enable us to let you know the travel time involved when planning a meeting with us and the animal.

The adoption process :

1) a telephone interview

2) in person visit with us and the opportunity for you to meet the animal

3) signing of a written adoption contract

What We Do

Homes for Abandoned Pets provides care and rehabilitation for homeless animals.

We consider the proper matching of individual animals with their new homes a very important part of our adoptive process.

Therefore, all potential "homes" are screened and interviews conducted to enable us to provide the best possible match for both the animal and the individual or family. Follow-up support is always available to the new owners.

All placements are covered by adoption contracts. Spaying or neutering of the animal is a mandatory condition of adoption.

We are not funded and cover our own expences thru donations and our own fund raising activities. Donations in any amount are always appreciated and help pay for veterinary care, medications, food and supplies.

Thinking of adopting a new friend ?

We are always willing to try and answer questions or discuss any concerns that you may have.
Homes for Abandoned Pets

Lansdowne, Ontario
K0E 1L0
Phone: 613-382-7706

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