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The Kingston Humane Society was founded in 1884 to provide shelter and care for homeless animals and investigate cases of animal cruelty in Kingston and surrounding communities. We promote responsible pet ownership and compassion and respect for all animals.

We are:

  • A non-profit charitable animal welfare organization.
  • Supported solely by the community, receiving no government funding to assist with our mission.
  • The only open shelter in the region, accepting every animal brought to us.
  • Committed to our mission and work with reputable and established rescue groups, province-wide.
  • A last resort, providing haven from the hazards and cruelty of life on the street or neglect.
  • A dues-paying affiliate of the OSPCA, with the authority to investigate complaints of animal cruelty. We receive no funding from the OSPCA.

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1 Binnington Court, Kingston ON, K7M 8M9

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