High Volume Shelter in the Hamilton Area

Our Pet List

Please Don't Delay!

We urgently need more FOSTER HOMES and VOLUNTEER DRIVERS in the Hamilton, Burlington and Toronto area for cats.
With your help we can save more feline lives!

If you are interested helping animals in our care, please contact us by e-mailing AnimalRescue@hamilton.ca.

Please give complete contact information (your home and work phone numbers, your e-mail address and best times to call). We will pass your information along to local animal rescues that work with our shelter. They will contact you to let you know how you can help them.

There are costs associated with rescuing these animals, including the cost of having the animal spayed and neutered. Under no circumstances can a pet be adopted unaltered. Prospective homes are screened to ensure the best possible chance of these pets having forever homes.

To help more of these abandoned, stray and unwanted pets, we need:

  • foster homes between Hamilton and Toronto (Cats don't necessarily require full run of the house; a small room can be sufficient space)
  • volunteer drivers
  • donations of new or used carriers, cages (ferret cages are very useful), crates
  • newspaper

For questions about our pets on Petfinder,
please contact us

E-mail AnimalRescue@hamilton.ca

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