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Many of the animals we list on petfinder are as a courtesy to other animal welfare agencies we network with.
We will be happy to connect you with the agency concerned if not us.
You must contact them to adopt or if you have any questions.
The North York/Scarborough branches of the Ontario SPCA bear no responsibility for animals not adopted directly from us now or in the future.

Up-Date on Shelter Closing

the Scarborough/North York Branches of the Ontario SPCA currently has no shelter facility
The shelter, which helped thousands of abandoned and homeless pets over the past 4 years, could no longer afford to operate at that location.

Current revenue could not support the shelter without aggressive, ongoing fundraising, substantial corporate backing and other means of financial assistance.
The shelter does not receive any government funding. Sheltering animals is expensive.
Adoption fees never cover the cost of housing, feeding, vetting, vaccinating, microchipping and spaying or neutering the animals.

When the shelter opened in November 1999, expectations and hopes were high for its future.
The location was ideal and the shelter was clearly visible and right along a ‘main drag’.
The Branches Advisory Committee (BAC) felt confident the Ontario SPCA had made the right move and that we could make ends meet.

But there is a price to pay for location, location, location. It is money and lots of it.
During the 4 years that the shelter was open, we were successful in finding new homes for hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, two chickens and one pot-bellied pig. Sheltered animals received knowledgeable and loving care from staff and volunteers so their temporary stay with us was made as stress less as possible.

Despite membership drives, dances, walk-a-thons, promotions, newsletters, letters to local corporations and the likes, our shelter closed. Dedicated volunteers just couldn’t raise enough money to keep up with rising expenses.

And yet, the OSPCA continues to operate in Scarborough/North York. An animal cruelty investigator continues to work in the community though based out of the provincial office in newmarket. please visit ospca.on.ca for more information br>
The York Region animal shelter located at 16586 Woodbine Ave in Newmarket is available to offer assistance to surrendered animals and animals in distress from the Scarborough and North York areas.

Stray/lost dogs and cats will continue to be housed and cared for through Toronto Animal Services East (Scarborough) and North (North York) regions.