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Is your Pet LOST??? visit these two pages : Pets 911 is a group posting of Lost and Found animals, and the other is current pics. of the animals at the Okc. Shelter you can also post a pic of your lost pet. . Although it is still good to go and look yourself

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    Who We Are
  • Real Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit Oklahoma Corporation that was created by Dana Spence and Chris Venters in June 2001. We are a true "no-kill" shelter and have never euthanized any animal due to lack of placement. The term "no-kill is often used with the catch phrase "no-kill of adoptable animals" meaning someone at some time decides if an animal is placeable or not. This is not our policy. We believe every animal is either adoptable or will be a resident of the sanctuary area of our Rescue. As a sanctuary animal he/she will live out their life with human contact, food, medical care, and shelter. Many are finally adopted, sometimes after years of being with us. We try to help any creature that crosses our path and is in need of assistance. We provide whatever medical, psychological, physical and nutritional care the animal needs. Of course, this is expensive and we depend entirely on tax-deductible contributions from family, friends, and supporters. ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE CARE OF THE RECUED ANIMALS. WE ARE UNIQUE IN THIS AREA. We especially try to help elderly and handicapped animals and people. We do accept animals from individuals and other groups when space permits. Hopefully, you will find one or more of your true life-long companion animals here. Thank you for visiting our website. Call us at 405-414-5651 if you would like to see one of the animals. Thank you.

    Adopting a friend

    Our requirements are based primarily on the needs of the animal being considered for adoption and the needs of the individual or family that is considering adopting. Like people, our animals are such wonderful "individuals" with special needs that, when met, will make their life long and happy. Since all of our animals have had such trauma, survived, and been nursed back to health we are very conscientious about their future homes. They've beaten the odds at least once, we don't want them to have to do so again. We do require home visits before placements, all pets neutered, inside/outside access, and continuing medical care when necessary. We will always reclaim an animal if the situation changes in the family or there is some unforeseen problem with the pet. We will make every effort to help a family resolve the problem. We do not place any unaltered animals for breeding. Our primary purpose is to locate the exact safe and secure home that our precious "charge" is needing to find. We consider ourselves merely the bridge from loving animal to loving caretaker. We have visitors by appointment only at this time.
    Phone: 405-414-5651

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