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Who We Are

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The City of Norman Pet Licensing Law

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Tips on Being a Responsible Pet Owner

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Adopting a Friend

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Who We Are

The Norman Animal Shelter is committed to returning lost pets to their owners and to finding homes for unclaimed animals. To speak with an authorized representative of the shelter, please call (405) 292-9736.

Norman Animal Shelter Public Hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00am - 5:45pm
Saturday and Sunday: we are closed to the public.

Norman Animal Shelter
3428 Jenkins Ave.
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: (405) 292-9736

City of Norman Pet Licensing Law

Section 3-209 of Chapter 3 of the Code of the City of Norman reads as follows:

(a) All persons living within the City limits of Norman and owning a dog or cat shall pay an annual fee for a pet license for each dog or cat over six months of age.
The fee schedule is:

1. Dogs unaltered - $16.00
2. Dogs altered - $8.00
3. Cats unaltered - $16.00
4. Cats altered - $8.00
5. Guide or hearing dog - No fee
6. Senior Citizens - 50% Discount
7. Replacement Tags - $1.50
(Purchase at Animal Control Only)

(b)It shall be permissible for voluntary licensing stations to be operated by non-profit organizations or veterinary hospitals, allowing such voluntary licensing stations to retain $4.00 of the pet licensing fees with the remainder of such fee amounts to be retained by the City.

(c)It is the intent of this ordinance to dedicate 100% of the revenue raised by this licensing fee to develop an adoption center for the city.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

The Animal Control Ordinance, often referred to as the "Leash Law," was passed by City Council in May, 1975. In an effort to handle the problem of at-large animals as equitably as possible. The following information is provided to familiarize Norman citizens with the provisions of the Ordinance. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Animal Control Shelter at (405) 292-9736.

1. Any dog off owner's premises must be physically restrained by means of a chain, cord, harness, leash, rope, or other device.

2. Any dog on the owner's premises must be within a ten foot radius of the owner and obedient to the owner's commands, or restrained from leaving the premises by fence rope, chain, or other device.

3. If either of the above provisions is violated, the animal is considered at-large and may be impounded and/or the owner given a citation and fined.

4. All dogs and cats over the age of six months must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian and recieve a certificate to that effect and a city pet license is required for all dogs and cats over six months of age.

5. Any vicious dog, disposed to attack with or without provocation, must be securely muzzled and controlled by both collar and leash when off the owner's premises.

6. Any animal that is a nuisance to others cannot be kept within city limits.

7. All pens and enclosures for animals are to be kept clean and sanitary.

8. No owner may abandon his dog or cat or permit the animal to become a stray. Any person who posesses legal title to an animal or who harbors the animal without possessing legal title is considered to be the owner.

9. No person shall: torture, cruelly beat, or unjustly destroy any captive animal or bird by denial of food, drink, or shelter, administer any sort of poison or drug to an animal, or cause any person to do any of the above.

10. No person shall trap, hunt, shoot, destroy, or molest any wild bird nor rob or molest its nest unless permitted by Federal, State, or City laws.

Norman Animal Shelter Adoption Rules

The employees at the Norman Animal Shelter are committed to returning lost pets to their owners and to finding homes for unclaimed animals. To best serve the needs of all concerned, the following policy will be enforced by all employees.

All impounded animals must be held 5 days from time of impoundment. This will be extended 48 hours for any animal displaying tags or markings indicating current ownership. For information about laws and/or fees for redeeming impounded animals contact a Norman Animal Shelter employee.

Adoptable animals impounded from the City of Norman are available for viewing to the general public. Once an animal has been held for the required period of time and determined to be suitable for adoption and spayed or neutered it will becomes available to the public for adoption.

1. Animals are available on a first come / first serve basis.

2. Any adoptable animal can be put on hold at any time during the holding period. Once an animal has been spayed or neuterd and available to go to a new home a hold can not be put on them.

5. Animals cannot be paid for in advance, nor can citizens be put on a list for an animal that may come in. Citizens must be present at the time of adoption.

6. All adoption fees must be paid at the time of adoption.


All dogs and cats

All adoptions include FREE

  • initial Norman City Pet License
  • Spay/ Neuter
  • Rabies and annual booster Vaccination( puppies will have the first booster vaccination will need additional vaccinations at the new owner expense),
  • Home Again micro chip, most cats are felv/fiv tested and dogs heartworm tested

    If you have any questions, please call the Norman Animal Shelter at (405) 292-9736.

    Come Visit Us!

    The Norman Animal Shelter is located on Jenkins Avenue in Norman, Oklahoma, just to the south of Highway 9. To find us from I-35: