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We have so many great animals looking for their forever homes. Come by the shelter, or call us at (580) 767-8877!


Come by and see all the wonderful dogs and cats that need forever homes. Please spay and neuter your pet to help decrease the over population of unwanted pets.

The Ponca City Humane Society offers help with spaying and neutering for Low Income families. If you make $25,000.00 a year or less please contact the Humane Society for an application. You must show proof of income.

To S/N Dog $50.00

To S/N Cat $50.00

Rabies shots $10.00

Who We Are

The Ponca City Humane Society as formed in 1958, although its roots go back even further. For years Neva Belle Harrod operated as a one-woman humane society caring for strays or finding others to care for them. Judy Elliott took over from Miss Harrod and with her husband, Ellis, formed the Ponca City Humane Society in 1958. The Society was incorporated as a non-profit Oklahoma corporation in 1975. In 1986 a Board of Directors was formed with Larry Hughes as the first President of the society and Anne Denton as Executive Director. After a successful local fundraising drive, a state of the art animal shelter was completed at 900 West Prospect in Ponca City, Oklahoma, in June, 1992. Prior to then, the society operated out of private homes, boarding homeless cats and dogs in foster homes and veterinary clinics. The society is funded solely by memberships, donations, bequests, and adoption fees, income from a memorial trust fund established by Reed and Lucy Stewart and an Endowment fund established from a donation by Judy Elliott covers about one-third of our budget. Trust and endowment fund income plus adoption fees comprise about half of our budget. The remainder must be raised annually through the generosity of caring people in the community. We receive no government funding and are not a part of Ponca City Animal Control. Our society is a charitable tax-exempt organization. All donations and membership fees are fully tax deductible. The Ponca City Humane Society is a non-profit community organization, whose purpose is to:

Provide care for stray, and abandoned animals.

Work with PC Animal Control to "Adopt Out" as many animals as possible vs. euthanizing.

Promote and educate the public on responsible pet ownership; animal care and health; local, state and federal laws concerning animals, and hold low income mobile spay and neuter clinics.

Help reunite lost pets with owners.

Maintain and sustain an animal shelter in connection with the Society’s operations and activities.

Adopting a friend

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If you find a companion dog or cat at our shelter, you'll need to fill out an adoption application (available at the shelter or we can email an application). Our shelter manager or an adoption volunteer will visit with you about your household, family, schedule and other pets.

You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt an animal. If you rent you must have a letter from the land lord stating you can have a pet in your residence. The adoption fee's range from $80 to $130.00 depending on the animal.

Our adoption fee helps with the medical care for the animal. All animals are spayed/neutered when they reach sexual maturity, current on vaccinations, treated for worms, fleas, ear mites and any other medical need the animal might have. The cats and kittens are tested for Feline Leukemia, adult dogs are tested for Heartworms.

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Ponca City Humane Society
900 West Prospect
(1/4 Mile West Of The Rodeo Grounds)
Ponca City, OK 74601
Phone: (580) 767-8877

Email: pchumane@gmail.com
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