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With wide open spaces and breathtaking views of the magnificent Arbuckle Mountains of southern Oklahoma, Bethel Animal Rescue is a small slice of heaven on earth. We take in unwanted, homeless and injured animals and get them on their way to a happy, long life.   http://bethelanimalrescue.webs.com/

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Who We Are

Debra Hardy had a vision, but it came to her in the form of a small, emaciated Cocker Spaniel dog who had been found in the mountains, living on deer corn and anything else edible, for quite some time. The little dog, whom Debra named "Peter" was in very poor condition. His dull coat was matted, one eye was damaged to the point that it would be necessary to remove it. As weak as he was, Peter managed to wag his tail when he heard Deb's voice. Peter is now a healthy, happy boy. It is unimaginable what that little fellow endured during his months alone. Thanks to Debra, he and many more like him will never be alone, again. While still in its infancy, Bethel Animal Rescue has become a very active shelter in Murray County and houses several adoptable animals. Bethel Animal Rescue is a not for profit organization pending 501c3 status, located near Davis, Oklahoma. We gladly accept donations of any amount. PayPal bethelanimalrescue@yahoo.com
Dog food is always needed. Our dogs thrive best on Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice. Everyone loves Toys! Kong, Nylabone, squeaky balls, are so much fun!

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We would love for you to come visit!  If you would like to meet and interact with any of our adoptable pets or just want to come take a tour and visit a while,  email us at bethelanimalrescue@yahoo.com   Please include your phone number so we can contact you.

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