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Free To Live is a non-profit animal sanctuary for stray, abandoned or abused dogs and cats. Here, animals who are not adopted live out their lives with lots of food, shelter, medical care and love. We are a true no-kill sanctuary; the only time euthanasia is ever practiced is when an animal is incurably ill and suffering.

Free To Live is situated on 20 acres and consists of several buildings for the animals including: an infirmary/isolation unit for both dogs and cats, large kennels with spacious outdoor "yards", senior areas and special needs facilities. All of our animal facilities have indoor and outdoor areas. All cat buildings and the senior building for the dogs are air-conditioned; the remaining dog kennels all have large fans to help keep the air circulating and the dogs cooler in the summer.

All animals at Free To Live are spayed or neutered, dewormed and given vaccinations and health tests before being put up for adoption.

Free To Live opened its doors in 1984 and has operated since that time under the conviction of its founders, Bill and Pat Larson, that the Lordís creatures were not meant to suffer and that mankind owes a duty to help prevent the suffering of animals which have been domesticated and caused to depend on man for their existence.

Save A Life - Sponsor A Pet

Do you have all the pets you can handle but still want to help? Please consider sponsoring one of the animals at our Sanctuary. We will send you photos and information about your sponsored pet and share the great news with you when he or she has found their forever home! To learn more about the sponsorship program, call Free To Live at 405-282-8617.


We are constantly in need of volunteers for our fundraising events and our adoption outreaches, as well as the Dog and Cat Fun Days at the Sanctuary. To inquire about any of these opportunities, please visit our website, or call the office at 405-282-8617. It takes just a fraction of your time to help the animals and it's not only good for them, but good for the soul.

Come Visit Us!

Come just to visit or to find your new soulmate!

Donations Needed!

With the ability to house approximately 200 dogs and 200 cats at any given time, we tend to go through the following materials quickly. If you have anything you'd like to donate, please do so. Comfort means so much to a homeless animal.

Towels, blankets, dog and cat beds, pillows, etc.

Space heaters

Washers and dryers

Purina brand dog and cat food

Cat litter

Pooper scoopers

Dog and cat treats

Laser pointers


Tennis balls


"Indestructible" toys

Cat boxes

Fencing materials

Pet carriers

Pet grooming items

Scratchers from
Free To Live
P.O. Box 5884
Edmond, OK 73083
Phone: (405) 282-8617 - please call for directions

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