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Check out our new website at Straydogranch.com....it's still under construction though!

Stray Dog Ranch was born out of a need to place the many dogs we find abandoned on our country roads.  We have been rescuing dogs since November, 2000. We are here to help you find a companion dog or dogs to join your family. Not only do we have our own adoptable dogs at our facility but we have expanded our reach to help our local shelter. We currently are listing and helping with adoptions at the Madill, OK shelter. We have some dogs there that have been "sponsored", which means they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and wormed. Adoption donations on these dogs are only $25

Please help us with a donation!  We always need money for vet bills, food and toys for the dogs.  We are also in need of large plastic tubs (they sell them at Tractor Supply) to use for dog beds. We put blankets in them in the kennel and the dogs love to lay in them.  We also are in need of cut wood to keep the kennels warm (the kennel is warmed by a double barrel stove).




Adopting A Friend

Our goal at Stray Dog Ranch is to place dogs in permanent, loving homes. We require a completed adoption application to start the process of adoption.  With the information on your application, we can help you find a dog that's a great match for your family and minimize the risk of a failed adoption. 



Click here for our Application form!

If the above link for an adoption application doesn't work for you,  please e-mail us at straydogranch@yahoo.com  to request an adoption application.  All applications require a vet or personal reference and a home visit prior to being approved.

Who We Are

Stray Dog Ranch is a haven for rescued dogs until permanent homes can be found for them.  Our mission is not only to rescue dogs but to help educate the public about the overpopulation and untimely euthanasia of so many of "man's best friends".

Come Visit Us

Visitors are welcome at Stray Dog Ranch by appointment. Please email us at straydogranch@yahoo.com if you would like to see our facilities and/or visit our dogs.

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