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Adopting A Friend

Please contact us if you are interested in a pet.  We do have an adoption application that needs to be completed.  Also the dogs will be at various adoption events so you can meet them.  

Who We Are

This is an all volunteer 501c3 organization dedicated to the improvement of the lives of our best friends. 

Currently millions of pets are euthanized every year due to over population. In fact, each person in the U.S would have to take 8-9 dogs or cats per person for all of the homeless pets to be adopted.  
It is the national goal within animal rescue organizations that this will be a no kill nation.  To achieve this goal, we require all of our dogs to be spayed or neutered before adoption.  Also we provide education regarding the importance of spaying and neutering our pets.  A veterinarian we work with will be assisting us in providing low cost spay and neuter programs, thus providing these services to those who could not otherwise afford them.

For those dogs already in distress, our goal is to rescue homeless and surrendered dogs.  With the support of donations and the hard work of volunteers, we can rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need. We will provide shelter, veterinary care, love, toys, food, and training. In addition, we work to find forever homes for each dog and, once adopted, we support the adoptive owners so the adjustment process is successful and the new family member is a permanent member.

Finally, pitbull breeds are in grave distress: of all dogs in shelters, 70-75% are "pit bulls or pit bull mixes". Only 1 in 600 dogs of this breed will find a home and the remainder are euthanized. Due to the pervasive negative publicity surrounding this breed, there is a reluctance to allow one to become a family member.  Yet as a "pitbull" owners, we strongly believe this stereotype is false.  As an organization, we are working daily thru our actions and the actions of the dogs in the rescue to prove that the breed is being unfairly demonized and deserves to be judged on an individual basis as a dog regardless of pedigree and physical appearance.

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See our event page on the webstie.  WWW,legacyofhopedogrescueok.com

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