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**DRG is desperately seeking foster homes in OK and AR!!** 

At present, we are overwhelmed with incoming shelter dogs and simply do not have the foster homes available to accept dogs being surrendered by their owners.  If you have a purebred Doberman Pinscher that needs rehomed, please email us photos of and detailed information about the dog, and we'd be happy to courtesy post him or her on our site for you.  The following requirements apply: 

  • YOU must foster the dog until adopted or a DRG approved foster home opens up.
  • Dog must be spayed or neutered.
  • Dog must be current on vaccinations (rabies, distemper/parvo).
  • Dog must be free of intestinal parasites.
  • Dog must be heartworm tested or have been regularly given monthly heartworm preventative.
  • Dog must not be aggressive towards humans.
  • You must contact us immediately if you rehome the dog on your own. 

Once a foster home or adopter does become available, you will be required to sign an Owner Surrender Agreement relinquishing all rights to the dog.  If we find that the dog is not fully vetted at time of intake, a minimum donation of $150 will be required.

Adopting A Friend

Click HERE to see Dobermans available for adoption.

Click HERE to see Dobermans in need of foster care.

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DRG works diligently to match the dog's personality and needs with that of the family's to help ensure a happy home for the rest of the natural dog's life.  We're an Oklahoma-based rescue and generally place dogs in Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Kansas and northern Texas.  However, as a responsible rescue, we work closely with other responsible Doberman rescues in various states across the nation, and do consider out-of-state applications on a case-by-case basis.


  • $400 for puppies under 6 mths
  • $325 for puppies/dogs 6 mths - 6 yrs
  • $250 for seniors 7+ yrs & mixes
These are average fees within the Doberman rescue community nationwide. Know that any Doberman you adopt from DRG has received excellent care. They're temperament tested, spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, on monthly heartworm prevention, parasite free, and any special needs, skin issues, injuries, correctable birth defects, etc. are evaluated and treated.  We also pay to spay/neuter adopted puppies when age appropriate.  Please understand that the adoption donation only covers a small percentage of what we actually invest in our Dobes, so any additional donations are tremendously appreciated.

To ensure that our Dobermans remain safe and are allowed to happily live out the remainder of their lives with loving families, those interested in adopting must successfully complete our comprehensive adoption process. The process is as follows:
  • Step 1:  Fill out an online application, answer any residual questions from our Applications Coordinator
  • Step 2:  Telephone interview with a DRG representative
  • Step 3:  Vist to your home by a DRG representative
  • Step 4:  Meet the Doberman we've determined to be the best fit for your family
  • Step 5:  Finalize the adoption by signing an Adoption Contract, paying the required Adoption Fee, and welcoming your new Doberman home!
* The process for being approved to be a Foster Home is the same, but Steps 4 & 5 will be different.  DRG will determine which type of Doberman you're best suited to foster, and then you'll be asked to sign a Foster Home Agreement/Contract.

 If you're interested in providing a loving foster or forever home for any of our Dobermans, click the link below to fill out an online application.

**Foster/Adoption Application**

NOTE:  We will not answer any questions regarding a specific dog until after we have received a completed application.  All basic information about the dog is already provided on each dog's profile.


Who We Are

Established in 1989, Doberman Rescue Group, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted, abandoned and abused Doberman Pinschers in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Our dogs come from a variety of sources, including but not limited to animal shelters/pounds, owners, backyard breeders and puppy mills.  After our dogs are evaluated and rehabilitated in foster care, we do everything in our power to help ensure they're placed in safe, loving homes for the remainder of their lives. 

DRG is solely volunteer-based, and as a charitable organization, we welcome any type of donation, be it volunteer time, supplies, goods and wares for auctions/charity events, or monetary contributions.  Our ability to continue to rescue this majestic breed depends solely upon private donations and volunteer effort, so whichever way you may wish to help is tremendously appreciated!!  Every little bit helps, and all donations are tremendously appreciated!


  1. ONLINE: ♥ https://www.youcaring.com/ DoberDollarDrive ♥
  2. SNAIL MAIL: Doberman Rescue Group, PO Box 43, Bixby, OK 74008

Come Visit Us

DRG does not have a shelter building or facility where it's possible to personally visit the dogs.  All of our Dobermans are fostered in loving volunteer homes for as long as it takes for them to find their forever families.  Only after you've submitted an application and been approved will we arrange meet-and-greets.  You're welcome to also check our Facebook page for any upcoming events where it may be possible to meet some of the available dogs.

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TO CONTACT US:  The contact form below is NOT WORKING (thank you Petfinder!).  Please feel free to Email Us directly or call (918) 365-0101.

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