Our Mission

Our mission is to help Yorkie,Yorkie Mixes, and Biewer Terriers whether they came from the streets, an animal shelter, surrendered by an owner, rescued from a puppy mill or a dog auction. They will have the vet attention that they need. We will educate the public on why they should rescue a pet. We will be their voice when no one else will speak for them. Every dog that enters our rescue will have another chance at love, no matter what flaw they may have.


Yokies are a wonderful, devoted companions. To find more information on our available dogs and the adoption process

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Fostering a yorkie is a true gift, for both the dog and foster family. To find more information on what it take to be a foster family

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OKYR exists solely on the generous donations of those who love yorkies as much as we do. For more information on how you can help

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Email: okyorkierescue@yahoo.com

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