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--- welcome news --- we need an adoption or foster parents. Just too many needy dogs and cats.

We have many good pets, dogs and cats, that need a loveling home--- or possibly fostering.--good news Benji and Toto adopted together!!! 09/20/2013

 Wonder who is featured next!-- .View Adoptable a pet list.      

Contact us if you select a pet you fancy.   Jack 552 (below) is an abandoned part greyhound, part shepard. He is about  6 years old. We have had him for 5 years and he needs a good home-- soon. Jack has gone to his reward and is better. Comming soon a pit bull mix with a great disposition and in need of rescue.


Adopting A Friend

We primarily work with dogs and cats collecting the abandonded, the mistreated, the unfortunate. We treat and care for as many as we can and try to get them good homes.  Unfortuantely we are limited in funds, space, --you name it. Sometimes we can give a few pets to larger organizations but some times we have no choice about our pets. It makes us very sad. We keep and care for them as long as we can.

Who We Are

We are a small town all volunteer group with only a few active members and a few more inactive ones, we do it for the animals. However we will accept assistance.  Over the years we have found homes, spayed and neutered over 200 hundred animals. It is the happy endings that makes it worthwile. We show some of these happy adoptions in our Happy Tails page and we work at and want and hope to find homes for the others. Actually we wish all the animals were loved and had good homes, then there would not be such a great need for our services, but life is not always that way.

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Visit this internet site, telephone us, or visit us in Fairfax, Oklahoma. We appreciate your interest, support, and assistance.

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