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Who We Are

We are a small Italian Greyhound Rescue in Tulsa. All of our babies are fostered in our home, along with the permanent residents. My babies come from less than ideal circumstances. Most are from the mills so prevalent in this area. They stay with me as long as they need to- until they are healthy, happy and can let me see what they each need in a new home. For some of the older dogs used for breeding, it can take up to a year or so to see their dog personalities come through. However much time they need, they can find it with us, among the hooligans. Italian greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds, and have their own special personalities. They cannot be let off leash because they love to run and have no fear of anything, cars and big dogs and other dangers of life. They can be very independent minded, but they love to cuddle and love their people. If you are considering bringing an Italian Greyhound into your family, I suggest a visit to www.iggyessentials.info and a whole lot of research. They are not for everyone, but those who have an iggy in their life usually think themselves blessed by the dog gods. My website is sometimes up at www.hazeljane.com. Come and visit. Call and ask questions. Adopt a little love today!

Adopting a friend

Adopting one of hazeljane's babies is not so difficult. I have an adoption contract,and usually require a vet's recommendation and a home visit. Depending on the dog, I will consider out of state adoptions for the perfect adopter. It will help if you do your homework first!

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If you are in the Tulsa area, please call for a visit.
Hazeljanes Blessings IG Rescue

Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: 918 814-6313

email: hazeljane13@gmail.com
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