The Shelter hours are Tuesday through Friday 1:00pm-5:00pm, and Saturday 1:00pm-4:00pm

Chickasha Animal Shelter

If you need to report an animal running loose, vicious animal, trap request, to check on animals currently in the shelter, inquire about adoptions, donations...etc contact us at the shelter at 222-6093. Thank You!

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In the past few months the Chickasha Animal Shelter has undergone dramatic restructuring. We are under new management and have an entirely new staff. We are a low kill shelter meaning that we will only euthanize when absolutely necessary such as serious injury or illness to an animal. At most times we are at MAX capacity. Things are still changing for the better but we need your help to make sure that all of these wonderful animals find great homes. All rescue organizations welcome to contact the shelter and spread the word about the animals that the Chickasha Animal Shelter has available.

Who We Are

City of Chickasha, Oklahoma Animal Shelter. We have a wonderful facility, a small staff and a huge need. There are many wonderful, gentle spirits waiting for their loving new homes.

Adopting a friend

Adoption fees for all animals are $20.00 plus a deposit of $75.00 and a signed agreement for the spay/neuter and Rabies vaccination. All animals leaving the shelter are required to be sterilized and vaccinated within a certain time period. Once these requirements have been met bring in your original receipt plus the receipt from the Vet and we will refund you your $75.00 deposit.

Come Visit Us!

The Chickasha Animal Shelter Staff is doing everything we can to return lost pets and find homes for unwanted pets. If you have lost a pet or need to report a stray, please call us and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible. remember we are under new management and are still in the begenning stages of the new and improved Chickasha Animal Shelter.

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Chickasha Animal Shelter
203 N. Genevieve

Chickasha, OK 73018
Phone: 405-222-6093

Calling All Volunteers & Pet Rescue Organizations! We are in desparate need of your help. We do not have enough space, resources, or staff to keep all our adoptable pets until we can find them good homes. Please contact the Chickasha Animal Shelter if you are interested and able to help, or if you are in contact with someone who can help.

Donations of the following items are gladly accepted:


Medical Supplies

Non-Medical Supplies

Electric Fur Clippers Transport Cages
Alcohol Bleach
Hydrogen Peroxide Germ-X
Benadryl Monitary Donations
Syringes -varying sizes (for worming animals) Vaccines and Wormers
Laundry Soap Scrub Brushes (screw handles)
Gauze Latex Gloves
Bleach Dawn Dish Soap
Spray Bottles Stainless Steel bowls (small, large)
Cotton Balls Slip Leashes
Q-tips Towels/Blankets
Bandage Material (vet wrap, elastikon, telfa pads, etc.) Monitary Donations for New Kennels and Outside Runs
Pyrantel Pamoate (dewormer) Puppy/kitten formula
Adams Flea/Tick Spray Puppy/kitten food
Adams Flea/Tick Shampoo or Pyrethrin Dip Small nurser bottles
Immodium AD or Pepto Bismol Cat Climbers (Large Wall Units)
  Litter Boxes (covered)/Cat Litter
  Mops/Mop Buckets
  Nail Trimmers
  Large Dip Tank

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Donate a BedWe have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our boarding facilities because they are so good for our dogs. We still don't have enough for all of our kennels. If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort, please click here.