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To complete an adoption application, please go directly to the TBR website at www.tulsaboxerrescue.net


TBR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and we have been rescuing Boxers for nearly 30 years.  We started out on a small scale rescuing dogs in the Tulsa area.  Over the years, TBR has become a statewide organization, rescuing nearly 400 Boxers a year from all over the State of Oklahoma.  Many of our dogs available for adoption and our foster homes are located in Oklahoma City, as well as Tulsa.

We are funded solely by private donations, adoption fees, and fundraising events.  It is a constant struggle to raise the funds needed, but it is a labor of love.  Our dedicated and committed volunteers and their passion for Boxers are what makes this organization work.  We could not operate without those who donate their time, money or both.


 Foster Homes Needed

We are experiencing a huge influx of dogs needing to come into our program. If you can help, please visit our website and fill out an application, or you can make a donation to help with vet costs. Thank you for your interest!



Our boxers come to us as owner surrenders, strays or from the local shelters.  They are not in shelters because they are bad dogs, just dogs in bad situations.  Most dogs in rescue are there because of a lack of commitment by their previous owners.  Many people can't resist a cute little puppy.  A year later, when nobody took the time to train the dog or spend time with the dog, they are not so cute anymore.  People move, people get divorced, people are not always committed to their pets.
They have been thrown away like trash, yet we do our best to turn them into someone else's treasure!  TBR saves between 300 to 400 boxers each year.  Most boxers are thrown away between the ages 9 mo. to 2 yrs.  These are the tween-agers and teen-agers who usually have not been altered or trained up in the way they should go.  When combining intellect, athleticism, size, and changing hormones, the combination becomes 'lethal' as with our human kids.  However, we rarely have a boxer comes into the system who is not able to be rehabilitated when offered proper leadership and companionship from their human family.
Adopting a boxer is a lifetime commitment and a decision that should not be made in haste.  This website provides information relating to this awesome breed so you can make an informed decision whether or not the boxer is the right fit for your family.  We believe that a Boxer is just about the perfect friend, but only if you are committed to proper training, exercise, love and attention.  While it is important to choose the right Boxer for your needs, it is equally important to ensure that you can meet their needs. 
You must prepare for their arrival, and make them a well-mannered family member.  The responsibilities of being a guardian of any dog are great, but the love and friendship you'll receive in return is priceless.  Knowing that you played a part to save a homeless boxer is very rewarding, and your new family member will fill your home with love, laughter and companionship.
With any rescue dog there is a period of adjustment required to feel safe and comfortable.  Depending on the dog it can take 3 minutes to 3 months.  Every dog is an individual.  We are always available for advice and follow-up.  We are commited to helping boxers fit into their new homes.





Ask any boxer owner what boxers are like, and chances are you'll hear the word "exuberant" mentioned at least once. This is no mellow couch potato dog. Although boxers are less active than some dogs, they do best with owners who appreciate and can accommodate their natural exuberance and zest for life. If you're looking for a dog that will join you in a friendly wrestling match, the boxer is a perfect partner.

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Boxers calm down once they reach adulthood (at around 3 years of age), but they never lose that playful puppy spirit. Always clowning around, boxers are playful and can tend to act like puppies for a long time.  Sure, boxers can be very well behaved and in perfect control, but watch out for that twinkle in their eyes, because if anyone proposes a game, a boxer of any age will be more than ready to play.


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Boxers are athletic, high-energy dogs with lots of muscle to maintain. They are also intelligent, and if you don't keep those brains busy, you'll have a bored buddy. In fact, mental stimulation may be even more important than hours of physical exercise. You can satisfy your brainy and brawny boxer involved in organized activities, such as agility and competitive obedience, or more casual pursuits, such as hiking, walking and mastering tricks. Boxers high energy and intelligence mean you must also be ready to stay one step ahead of them, during activities and at home. Boxers are notorious for foiling your efforts to keep them under control. Many boxers can figure out any kind of latch for any crate or pen in no time. Sometimes they have the door open before you can turn around and walk away. So boxer owners need to be a little creative when crating their dogs. Boxers are also good jumpers and may escape from fenced yards if they are bored and see something fun to chase on the other side of the fence. Boxers have a lot of energy and aren't always the calmest dogs. Be prepared to see your adult boxer race around the house at break-neck speed.


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Because boxers are strong and curious and need lots of stimulation, a bored boxer can easily become a destructive boxer - especially in puppyhood. Boxers must have plenty of chew toys and lots of mental challenges, and they must be trained starting in puppyhood to know what is and isn't allowed. We can't expect our boxers to attend one training class and be the perfect obedient companions. Training is ongoing. You can't get a boxer and never do anything with it and expect it to be perfect, to not chew on things, to not misbehave, to not be destructive. You have to show it how to be a good dog. Boxers are play motivated and easily bored, so it's up to you to find interesting ways to train.


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Some dogs are clingy and needy, this is not the case for most boxers. They may follow you around, and be constant shadows, but they don't have to be touching you all the time like some breeds. While they don't crave constant attention, they just want to know where you are. If you go into a closed room, almost assuredly your boxer will be waiting at the door for you to come back out again. Their independence is due in part to their heritage as working guard dogs, responsible for alerting their owners to the presence of intruders. That same independence means boxers can be a challenge to train.


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Boxers may be independent, but when it comes to company, their curiosity and love of people get the best of them. Boxers insist on greeting people face-to-face and bestowing a few licks, too. Your boxers may be very well behaved every day around your house, but it seems that all that goes out the window when company comes over. They just can't help wanting to get in your guests face.


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Because boxers are friendly and people oriented and adjust readily to new situations they are also easy to place into new homes. A well-screened rescue boxer is a great choice for people who don't want to deal with puppyhood. Because boxers adjust to new situations so readily, they make excellent adoptees. Consider a well-screened adult boxer from a responsible rescue group. The boxers adaptability not only helps a rescue dog settle comfortably into your home, but helps it weather the changes of a human household - a move to a new home, a new baby, a marriage or divorce, or just the two weeks with the petsitter when you go on vacation - with less stress than some breeds. As long as it is treated kindly by the humans around it, this adaptable breed is happy to love the one it's with.


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Boxers look intimidating, no doubt about it. Their size and natural tendency to bark an alert should scare away would be intruders, but what if someone actually breaks into your house? Less territorial than some breeds, your boxer isn't guaranteed to do anything more than bark. Some boxers are likely to be friendly to everyone, intruder or not. Any boxer that does behave viciously or bites a human is not exhibiting normal boxer temperament. Being dog aggressive is one thing, but boxers know the difference between humans and dogs.


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When it comes to other dogs, however - especially dogs of the same sex - boxers are not so likely to get along without incident. Dog aggression seems most common among females, although un-neutered males can also fight. Once two boxers have had an argument, it's never over. They hold a grudge, and they will be enemies forever and can't be trusted to be together. Anyone who gets in the middle of a boxer spat risks injury, not because boxers would attack humans, but because they are so focused on besting their canine enemies. It is never recommended to place a female boxer in a home with another female. Problems may not surface for a few years, and what are you going to do when it does? It's not worth the risk. Boxers also have a highly developed prey drive. Puppies can learn to get along with the family cat if raised together, but boxers can't be trusted around unknown cats, let alone squirrels, rabbits, birds, waterfowl, even sheep, goats and deer.


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Best of all, boxer owners say, boxers are just plain joyful dogs. Boxers are always happy. Their good natured spirits can help to soften anyone's wrath upon discovering a chewed shoe or a dinner stolen from the counter. Of course, that face helps, too, adding a certain charm not only to the boxers conformation but to the general impression of the boxer's personality.


By now, you should have a pretty good idea whether a boxer's temperament will suit your own temperament and lifestyle. If a boxer sounds like it would be a perfect match for your family, then enjoy the journey ahead. It's bound to be full of fun and love!


Source: Legacy Boxer Rescue 
Legacy Boxer Rescue. All Rights Reserved.



Please Read The Rules And Regulations Before Inquiring On A Dog. Thank you! 

Neuter/spay is NOT an option, we wait until 6mths of age for the safety, and health of the dog. ALL dogs are spayed and neutered. No exceptions.

Understand that in accordance with the adoption agreement the adopter can not sell; trade, give away, or otherwise dispose of the adopted dog(s) in any way, but will, if ever necessary, return the dog(s) to Tulsa Boxer Rescue, or to an agent designated to your adoption (if applicable). No refund of the adoption fee will be made after two weeks of signing this adoption agreement. The dog(s) will not be used for vivi-section or any experimental purpose whatsoever.

Tulsa Boxer Rescue, or its designee may examine and make inquiry about said dog(s) at any time and if not satisfied with the conditions, may reclaim custody of said dog(s) without monetary exchange. It is also understood that failure to comply with the terms of this agreement could result in demand by Tulsa Boxer Rescue to return said dog(s) to its custody.

You must agree to provide and pay for all required vaccinations for said dog(s) and all necessary veterinary treatment, should said animal become sick or injured.

You must also agree the dog(s) that is to be adopted is a companion animal and a house pet, and will not be used for breeding purposes, and accordingly, shall pay for the low-cost spay/neuter, if the dog(s) was received intact. Further, said dog(s) will not be used for hunting, guard purposes, or in any way for the sole purpose of spectator entertainment (i.e. pit fighting). You must agree the dog(s) will be housed within your house and will not be left outdoors.

Tulsa Boxer Rescue or its agents will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses arising subsequent to the adoption of any dog(s). The adopter agrees to assume full financial responsibility for the dog(s), and the dog's(s) activities and well-being.

If after reading TBR's rules and regulations you still feel that one of our dogs are right for you, fill out an adoption application and one of our TBR agents will get in touch with you shortly. (Please understand that all of our officers and volunteers have full time jobs. We will try to contact you in a timely manner) Thank you.  


Adoption Fees

Thank you for your interest in our homeless boxers.  These adoption fees are set to cover the medical needs of all purebred boxers who find themselves in our rescue system. 

All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed, receive vaccinations, rabies, bordatella, and are heartworm tested. If a dog tests positive, they are put through the heartworm treatment.  If a dog tests negative, they are started on monthly heartworm prevention which the owner must continue after adoption.  In addition, if we determine a dog is sick from an infection, illness or is injured, they receive appropriate medical care.  All of our dogs leave in much better condition than when they came into the rescue.

While not every dog will require the full amount of funds to cover their needs, most dogs will require the amount of their own adoption fee and the surplus of others too.  We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization run entirely on volunteer service and donations from the public.  Foster families provide all food and possessions from their own financial means and through the designated support of donors choosing to sponsor a dog.  If you'd like to sponsor a dog, please make a donation either by check or via the website, and use the "instructions to seller" box to indicate which dog(s) you would like to sponsor.  

The adoption fees are: 

1-5 year olds -  $175

Ages 6 and older -  $75

Purebred pups under one year will range from $300 for babies down to $200 as they get closer to one year of age.

All mixes are courtesy postings on the available list; they are available for a $75 donation to TBR.


Adoption Process

Adopting a boxer through TBR can take a few days or weeks, depending on the restrictions needed in your home and matching those with the perfect boxer for your family as well as availability in our volunteer's schedules and travel time required. 

Tulsa Boxer Rescue does not have a place of business, most of our dogs are in foster homes located in Tulsa or Oklahoma City.  In order to meet a dog, you must first make application and get pre-approved.  To start the process....here's all you do:


Apply to adopt a specific dog(s) or no one in particular.  Your application will be reviewed by an Adoption Coordinator.  It can take up to one week for an Adoption Coordinator to respond to you.  Please be patient, we are all volunteers, who have full-time jobs and family responsiblities.  The response will be via email or phone, so please check your email regularly including your junk mail box. 

The Adoption Coordinator will discuss your application and may seek clarification to your responses.  We will determine which type of boxer best fits your home, taking into consideration your home environment.  Do you have dogs?  cats?  children?  height of fence? etc.  A home visit is also required to meet with you and make sure it is a safe environment for our boxer.


Once you have been pre-approved, then the foster home family will receive your application for their review, because nobody knows that boxer like the foster parent.  If the foster parent determines your home environment is a good match for their dog, and vice versa, they will facilitate a meet and greet.   

Once a boxer chooses your home to be his/her forever home, we will enter into an adoption agreement with you.


You must sign two legal and binding contracts; one for you and one for us.  Along with the boxer, you will get your contract, a baggie of food the dog is accustomed to, any medications the dog may be taking, and one month supply of HW preventative.  We will accept the adoption fee, at this time, in the form of cash, check or money-order.  Should you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so via our website. 


At this time your boxer will be marked as *adoption pending* on the website in the list of the "Available Dogs", and your last name will be given to the dog. Expect a phone call within the first few days and a follow-up home visit if needed.  Following confirmation that all is stabilizing and as contracted, you will receive by mail the medical history and documents for your new fur-kid, but not before two weeks after adoption.  You will need to wait to take your dog to your vet until you receive the medical paperwork from us.


Please send photos and updates over the months/years.  We love hearing from these fur-kids.  In addition, we'd like to welcome you to the TBR Family.  We hope you are satisifed with your newest addition and the service provided by Tulsa Boxer Rescue.  If you are, we ask that you spread the word about "rescue", we love referrals!  Also, please watch our website for notices about Fundraising Events and other social events that you are encouraged to attend.  Of course, last but not least, if you decide that your newest boxer needs a playmate, we'd be more than happy to place another boxer into your forever home!




Tulsa Boxer Rescue

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