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Pug rescue Oklahoma City was recently on a radio talk show about pets, called "Speak!" It was a great opportunity to educate people about Pug rescue, and and adopting a rescued Pug! We have a new shipment of rubber bracelets, your choice of red or blue, that have tiny pawprints and the phrase "ADOPT A FRIEND FOR LIFE", as well as the "SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS in pink, teal and "glow-in-the-dark" green! They are only $2.00 each, postpaid, a "must-have" to express your love and support for homeless pets everywhere! We also have our Pug rescue t-shirts for only $10.00, and some "I Adopted My Pug" magnetic ribbons. They look great on your car, and are a bargain at $5.00! 100% of the proceeds from these items go directy towards Pugs in need here at Pug Rescue Oklahoma City! (-: WE NEED APPROVED FOSTERS! If you are interested, please contact PugRescueOKC@aol.com for a fostering application form. Fosters are what make a rescue organization possible...please help! THANKS! (-:

Who We Are

Pug Rescue Oklahoma City is a "not-for-profit" organization promoting the unconditional rescue of Pugs in need. We are also an educational source on Pugs. We are not a public shelter, but a private haven with a network of loving foster homes. After any necessary veterinary care, inoculations, spay/neuter, etc., we offer rescued Pugs for adoption, if our basic requirements can be met. (such as a secure fenced yard, and no large dogs) We gladly accept and greatly appreciate financial donations, as well as food and other nurturing supplies for the Pugs. Be assured that we have no salaried associates; everyone associated with Pug Rescue Oklahoma City is working for the Pugs on a volunteer basis, and 100% of all monies donated, or obtained through an adoption fee goes DIRECTLY to the Pugs' welfare. If you wish to make an online donation, you may do so through PayPal at this e-mail address: PugRescueOKC@aol.com. Also by snail mail at PO Box 94693, Oklahoma City, OK 73143.

Adopting a forever friend

To adopt one of our Puglets, our organization bylaws require an adoption application, a home visit, an adoption contract, and an adoption fee. Please feel free to e-mail or write to us if we can be of service! You must have a secure fenced yard, and have no large dog(s) to be considered for adoption. Rescued Pugs deserve to be safe!
Pug Rescue Oklahoma City
P.O Box 94693

Oklahoma City, OK 73143

Email: DRAGONGYRL@aol.com
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