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The adoption fee for most of our dogs is $60, and cats is $40, but pets with different adoption fees will be posted on their bio information. We occasionally have animals at a reduced adoption fee during times that we are crowded. The ones for reduced adoption fees of less than the usual adoption fee usually have come to the shelter already spayed or neutered, allowing us to drop their fee, but sometimes if a pet is in high demand, we may raise the adoption fee over the standard fee slightly. If you do not see the adoption fee posted on their ID card, then the cost is $60 or $40, depending on if it is a dog or a cat.


* A small sample bag of Hill's Science Diet comes with each adoption. (unless we run out)*
ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT WEEK END ADOPTIONS: If you see a pet on this site that you like on a weekend day (and it is already spayed or neutered), do not e-mail us about it because we are not in the office. Just come by the shelter between 11 AM to 5 PM on Sat. or 1 PM to 5 PM on Sun. and adopt! Another shelter,our local Humane Society, is located in our complex. They are open and can do the adoption for us. If you wait until Monday, or e-mail us and wait for a reply, you might miss the one you want. If you want to call on the weekend to see if the pet is still here, the Humane Society of Stillwater's phone number is 405-377-1701.If the pet you are interested in is not yet spayed or neutered, it might not be able to be adopted on the weekend.OUR (Animal Welfare) PHONE NUMBER for all other days is located on the bottom of this page.
If you need assistance having your cat or dog spayed or neutered, please come by the shelter and get an Companion Animal Assistance Program application.
In the spirit of good will and helping all homeless pets find a place to call their own, our shelter often posts "courtesy" listings for other groups or rescues that are not on petfinder themselves. Also, if a pet is in the process of transferring to our local group, the Humane Society of Stillwater, the post will be connected to their e-mail and the bio will often say the pet is available for adoption through the Humane Society of Stillwater. The adoption fee of other groups or the Humane Society are NOT posted on the pet's bio and may be unknown to our organization.

Who We Are

We are a division of the Stillwater Police Department and we run the municipal animal shelter. We take in stray and homeless animals for the City of Stillwater (WE ARE NOT A COUNTY SHELTER). We are staffed by a shelter director and two animal welfare officers who enforce city ordinances. We are small, 13 dog runs and 26 cat or puppy cages, but have many new animals available weekly. We are unique because we have two shelters in one location by leasing to our local "guaranteed placement" Humane Society organization who has many more animals not listed on this site. (They have their own site on petfinder.) However, our shelter is NOT a "no-kill" shelter and we need to make room for new animals weekly, so the animals listed here are in desperate need of homes. Not all of our animals are listed, so if you are close, please come visit! (Especially if you have lost your pet!)

Adopting a friend

Our adoptions are $40.00 for cats and $60 for dogs, and occasionally slightly more for high demand animals. If the dog or cat is not already spayed or neutered, we will make an appointment at a veterinarian's for the animal to be spayed or neutered and you can pick it up from the vet, usually the next day. If the unaltered animal is a puppy or a kitten, or if you live too far away to pick up from the vet, you will sign a contract agreeing to have the animal spayed or neutered and will receive a $20.00 deposit back after you show proof that you have had your new pet spayed or neutered (as per State and City law).
Small exotics like rabbits and guinea pigs may be only $10 to adopt. Others such as ferrets will have varying adoption fees.
WE ARE OPEN 8 AM TO 5 PM, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. Our Humane Society which is located in the same building can adopt our dogs to new homes for us after we close on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings until 6 PM, and 11 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays, and Sundays from 1 PM to 5 PM.

Come Visit Us!

Highway 51 runs east and west through Stillwater and becomes 6th Street in Stillwater. Main Street intersects 6th Street in the center of Stillwater. Turn south on Main street and go about 12 blocks. The shelter is located on the west side of the street. Sorry, we cannot ship animals.

Stillwater Animal Welfare
1710 S. Main St.
P.O. Box 1725
Stillwater OK 74074
Phone: 405-372-0334

Donate a Bed
Our dogs and cats love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog or cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda bed. Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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