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We are in need of donations.  We accept newspaper, paper towels, crates, exercise pens, dog kennels, collars, leashes, food and water dishes, dog food, cleaning supplies, etc.  If you have any of these items you would like to donate please email!


Adopting A Friend

Adoption fees.............Our adoption fees vary.  Adoption fees help us recoup some of the expenses we spend saving these animals and vetting them. Our animals are not for sale.



If you are interested in adopting one of our animals please don't hesitate to email us at changingheartsrescue@aol.com.  We do adopt to other states other than Ohio.  All adopters are required to come to our foster homes.  We prefer for you to see the environment they have been in while with us.  We also require all potential adopters to submit an application to adopt and be APPROVED before you can visit any of our adoptable. We will not adopt to anyone under the age of 24. 



 If you are interested in adopting please email us! We will require you to submit an application. If your application is approved you will then be able to set up an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in!










Who We Are

 We a foster home ONLY organization. We currently only have 2 foster homes. We do have a kennel we board some of our dogs in until they can be placed in foster care.  We are based out of Newton Falls but we have foster homes all over within 45 minutes of Newton Falls. Our animals come from various situations.  We accept dogs from high kill pounds, owner surrenders, hoarders, retired breeding dogs,  special needs dogs, dogs left behind after families move, etc.  We also have a network of other rescues we assist in helping with. We are here to help educate people on the cost and care of dog ownership. Our organization focuses on finding forever homes for animals that have been cast away or no longer wanted.  We feel everyone deserves a chance to find their forever home! We currently have 5 volunteers working with us an we are always looking for more! 

All of our animals are vet checked, spay/neutered, heart worm tested(and treated if needed), on monthly heart worm and flea prevention, Up to date on all shots, some are micro chipped, wormed, and etc. 

While in our foster care we work on house training, leash training, and crate training.  Some of our animals are also taught basic commands. We put a lot of time and patience into the care of our animals in foster care.

Come Visit Us

Our foster homes are available by appointment only.  In order to set up an appointment you would need to have an approved application.  We process applications daily. 




Dog Adoption Application Form



Contact Information


Full name:   


Occupation:   ______________________________________________________________

Address:        ______________________________________________________________


How long at this address:   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________


Daytime Phone:  ___________________________________________________________


Evening Phone:    __________________________________________________________


Best time to call:  ___________________________________________________________


Email address:      __________________________________________________________



Family & Housing


How many adults are there in your family (their relationship to you)?



How many children (ages)?



What type of home do you live in single family, town home, apartment, farm, etc.?



Please describe your household:  __ Active    __ Noisy    __ Quiet   __ Average


If you rent, please give the rules governing pets and the landlord’s name and number:


(by providing this information you are allowing CHR permission to contact your landlord please inform them of this call so they will speak with us)


Does anyone in the family have a known allergy to dogs?     _________________________


Is everyone in agreement with the decision to adopt a dog?   _________________________


Do you have time to provide adequate love and attention?   _________________________


Other Pets


What other pets do you have (specify type and number)?   



Are these pets up to date on vaccines? _________________________________________


Are these pets spayed/neutered?  If not. Why?____________________________________




Have you every surrendered a pet? If so, why?




Have you ever had a pet euthanized? If so, why?




Have you ever lost a pet to an accident?




How do you discipline your pets and why?







Do you have a regular veterinarian?     __ Yes    __ No


Veterinarian’s name:  _______________________________________________________


Clinic Name:              _______________________________________________________


Clinic Address:          ________________________________________________________


Clinic Phone:             ________________________________________________________


(Providing CHR with this information you are allowing CHR to call your vet.   Please call your vet and ask them to authorize the release of information to CHR.)










About the Dog You Wish to Adopt


What is your idea of an ideal dog and why?


Desired age:  __________            Desired Size: _____________________________________


Desired breed: _______________________________________________________________


Breed you would not adopt:_____________________________________________________


Desired sex: _ Spayed Female _ Neutered Male _ No preference


Willing to adopt:          __ outgoing/hyper dog                                     __ shy dog

__ dog that needs regular medication   __ dog that needs training  

__ dog that needs grooming                 __ None of these





Where will the dog spend the day? (describe)



Where will the dog spend the night? (describe)



Number of hours (average) dog will spend alone?  _________________________________


Who will have primary responsibility for this dog's daily care?  _______________________


Who will have financial responsibility for this dog?  ________________________________


Do you agree to provide regular health care by a Licensed Veterinarian?    __ Yes   __ No


Do you agree to keep the dog as an indoor dog?   __Yes    __No


When the dog goes out, how do you plan to supervise it? Fenced yard?


Do you agree to contact CHR if you can no longer keep this dog?   __Yes    __No


Are you be willing to let a representative of CHR visit your home by appointment?
__Yes    __No


How did you hear about CHR?  _____________________________________________________


Would you be interested in fostering?   __Yes     __No    __Would like to know more








Personal References

Please list someone who is familiar with both you and your pets.





Relationship (relative, neighbor, friend, etc.): 





Relationship (relative, neighbor, friend, etc.): 


All of the information I have given is true and complete. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examination and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian.


___________________________                                                                        _________

(Signature)                                                                                                                     (Date)

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