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We display kittens and cats at Pet Supplies Plus in Beavercreek at 3320 Pentagon Rd (off of N. Fairfield Rd)
on Saturdays from 1:00 to 6:00 and Sundays from 1:00 to 5:00.


We still have hopeful older (8 -10 months) kittens as well as an ever growing number of baby kittens (10 - 16 weeks) looking for their forever homes. We also have gorgeous young adult cats looking for lasting love. Please consider the warmth and affection an older kitten or young adult can provide. And only 1 out 9 people will adopt an adult or senior cat so please don't overlook these precious gems. So contact us to see some of the best little sweethearts around and take home a new BFF! All are altered (or will be by the rescue when old enough), vaccinated, chipped, and are ready for new homes.


We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends! Our special thanks to all those without whose support we would not be able to help kittens and cats. Our wonderful primary vet friends are Northgate Animal Hospital , Airway Animal Clinic, Docton Animal Hospital, Town & Country Animal Hospital, Twin Maples Animal Hospital, and Dayton MedVet. Our spay/neuter friends are Pet Advocate League, who bring in Dr.Laura Miller and her mobile N.O.M.A.D. unit, and Dr. Danielle Ratstetter at Pets in Stitches. Our favorite rescue-friendly pet store is Pet Supplies Plus. A big thank you to you all! We appreciate all the help you provide!

Did You See Us? We have been bringing in the crowds at Pet Supplies Plus on North Fairfield Rd by the Wal-Mart in Beavercreek. Thanks to the kind people who have stopped to look and been charmed by our sweet babies, we have adopted out over 500 cats there (and through home visits) in the past year. And of course, thank you to those who fell in love and adopted our babies!

If you are looking for us, here is where to find us! We display kittens most Saturdays from 1:00 to 6:00 and Sundays from 1:00 to 5:00 at Pet Supplies Plus on North Fairfield Rd by the Wal-Mart in Beavercreek. Watch this space for details! Of course, you can still see the kitties in their own foster homes as well. It's great to see them where they feel happy and comfortable.

Who We Are

Blue's Mews Siamese Cat Rescue is a small, volunteer-run cat rescue, dedicated to assisting Siamese cats, Siamese mixes, and Siamese wannabes. Don't all cats want to be Siamese?
Blue's Mews has no shelter; all of our animals are fostered in private homes. With more foster homes, we could help more animals. Please consider becoming a foster home. Kittens need you!
We provide the best possible vet care for the cats in our care; our expenses are very high and our adoption fees very reasonable. Donations are much needed and always welcome!

Why Adopt From Us? Because we are serious about each and every kitten. All of our adoptable kittens have had (at least) their first FVRCP; most have had two FVRCPs and their first FeLV. When you adopt from us our care doesn't stop. We ensure our kittens get their complete shot series, even after you adopt them. We follow through with spaying and neutering, too.

Blue's Mews kittens are highly socialized, fully vetted, and come with an unconditional return guarantee (if you don't want them, we want them back!). We keep our numbers under control so we can give our kittens the best of food, the best of vet care, and the best of attention. Email cat_rescue or call or text 937.271.1411 for latest availability.

No Vacancy. We regret that our current foster homes continue to be full. For health and safety reasons, we cannot take in new cats at this time. What we can do, though, is provide courtesy postings. E-mail or text your adoptable one's photo, description, and background, along with your contact information, and we will advertise them for you here. Give it a try--it's free. PS With more foster homes, we could take more kittens....

Adopting a Friend

Blue's Mews Siamese Cat Rescue advertises adoptable pets on and in the Dayton Daily News and Skywriter. Cats and Kittens are shown at Pet Supplies Plus on weekends. During the week, foster home visits are by appointment. Potential adopters must meet responsible pet owner criteria and sign adoption contracts. Please be aware that an invitation to view cats/kittens is just that; we reserve the right to place kittens in the best available homes. We reserve the right to refuse to adopt out any cat or kitten if we feel it is not in the animal's best interest to do so.
We ask a minimum donation of $100 for our Siamese Wannabes. Siamese and Siamese mix kittens and cats are $125-150.. Senior cats are discounted according to age. Adoption donations help defray our staggering vet bills. This fee structure brings us in line with other local shelters and rescues and is very needed for us to remain able to help cats.

Please Note: Blue's Mews will not, under most circumstances, adopt out single kittens below the age of 12 weeks. We let kittens grow up with their siblings, learn from the adult cats around them, and develop healthy immune systems before we let them go. Exceptions are occasionally made for orphan sibling pairs or mother and baby.

But I Want a Baby Kitten! Female cats are fully grown at 2 years of age; males, at 3 years. If you want a kitten, be aware that a cat is a kitten throughout the first year and a half of life. Don't cut yourself out of experiencing the joy of welcoming some of our older kittens into your heart. If your heart is set on helping baby kittens, considering fostering litters for us or another cat rescue. We always need foster homes. Then you have the reward of truly helping lots of kittens--without having to live with lots of cats.

Two Are Better Than One: Under most circumstances, we adopt kittens in pairs. Young kittens need each other and they are amazingly less trouble in pairs than in singles. Even after they grow up, cats with best friends are happier cats while you are at work. Please be aware that this means, if two homes are otherwise equal, preference will be given to the home that adopts a pair.

How You Can Help

We Need Foster Homes! Blue's Mews Siamese Cat Rescue is up to its neck in kittens. We are working on locations to display kittens, and we are really working hard on trying to find foster homes. We have very good luck placing our kittens. In-home socialization, excellent vet work, and a 100% return acceptance policy all help make our kittens desirable pets. If you foster kittens for us, you will NOT be stuck with them. If you are in the Greater Dayton Area (Fairborn, Riverside, Huber Heights, Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Bellbrook, Centerville, Kettering, etc.) and you want to help, please call or email us to let us know. We will really be able to use you, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you saved precious lives. And if you are able to nurse infant orphans, do please contact us. For new volunteers, we have a trainer, and we can help you become an experienced surrogate cat mom. Oh, and please note, if finances are an issue, we can usually supply kitten food and cat litter. Other volunteer opportunities include transporting cats and kittens to the vet, developing literature, photographing adoptables, and working on our web sites. Call 937-271-1411 to volunteer.

Donations Needed. Please Help! Right now, we are still overrun with kittens, and the money has run low. We depend on donations to assist cats. Please consider donating to us to make it possible for us to continue to help the homeless and the helpless.

Donations of any of these things (especially money, of course) are always welcome. Please call or text 271-1411; we will be happy to pick up anything you are willing to give. Checks can be made to Blue's Mews. Our administrative address is 273 Fairway Drive, Fairborn, OH 45324 (Please note, this is NOT a shelter address!)

Come Visit Us!

We have no shelter, so normally, our cats must be seen on weekends at Pet Supplies Plus or by appointment. But we attend many of the pet-related events in the Miami Valley as part of our community outreach. Look for us at community happenings. We'd love to meet you!
Blue's Mews Siamese Cat Rescue

Fairborn, OH 45324
Phone: 937-271-1411

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