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If application link doesn't work please email us at tailsofhope@live.com and I can email you the application. We will not approve adoptions that are more than 100 miles away from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of our dogs in need. These dogs have so little and the comfort one of these beds would provide would be invaluable. Please can you find it in your heart to provide a little comfort to just one of our animals?
Donate a Kuranda dog bed.

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Who We Are

Tails of Hope Animal Rescue is a no-kill organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals; provide shelter, medical care and homes for homeless and/or neglected and abused animals, educating the general public about animal behavior, care and responsibility, including but not limited to, the importance of spaying and neutering. We’re an all volunteer, non-profit organization that does not receive funding from any governmental agency. Our funding comes exclusively from private donations and fundraising events. All donations are used to provide medical care for the sick/injured pets, to spay and neuter, heartworm testing for dogs, all vaccines and necessary medications for all rescued animals before finding new suitable homes for them. We do not have a shelter. All rescued animals are temporarily kept in foster care homes of our volunteers. We do not limit our help to any particular county or area. We have volunteers in both Ohio and Indiana. We always welcome any offer for donations of time, supplies such as food, crates, toys, kennels etc. or money to help us continue with our efforts. You may call or write to find out how you may volunteer or donate. Tails of Hope Animal Rescue. P.O. Box 182, Ross, Ohio 45061 Tails of Hope Animal Rescue does not euthanize animals except in the event of unreasonable pain and suffering.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a friend - Click to fill our online adoption application. Our adoption process begins with completing an application, and potential owners will be interviewed & evaluated, before approval is given. Tails of Hope Animal Rescue reserves the right to approve or deny any application to adopt a pet from our organization. We do not adopt pets for resale or medical research. Our adoption fee is $125.00 to $175.00 for vaccines, altering, and general care that Tails of Hope has already provided for the pet. We use the services of a low-cost clinic to keep vet expenses down, and to make adoption affordable. Taking a pet into your home is a serious committment, and we will make every effort to ensure that the adoption is a good match for both owner and companion animal. PLEASE FILL OUT OUR ONLINE APPLICATION IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING ANY OF OUR ANIMALS or if you have any questions please email any inquires to tailsofhope@live.com. **If you have any problems downloading our application please let us know!!!

Come Visit Us!

Tails of Hope Animal Rescue will be up at Petsmart-Colerain Avenue every Saturday.
Tails of Hope Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 182
Ross, OH 45061

Email: tailsofhope@live.com
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