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***We need foster homes****


If you are willing to Foster a Dog, NO MATTER ON THE BREED BIG OR SMALL,then let us know.If there is a specific Breed that you are willing to Foster, just let us know,we can make it happen.This way we can save more dogs from more High Kill Shelters.We have gotten more demands of Dogs needing rescued from Cold Elements as well as from Shelters due to our success of being able to place wonderful dogs in great homes. Foster dogs come with dog food, leash, collar, tags, and a training crate.You will NOT pay anything out of Pocket. Our foster families provide training; love, daily walks, socialization (if recommended), and is responsible for driving our rescue to the vet for appointments. (This can be done on your schedule or if you donít have a car we can pick the dog up for his/her appointments!) Please open your home to a rescue dog as a foster home! If you are a stay at home mom or retired,or just someone wanting to Foster it is allot of fun and it helps our rescues!Also it is very rewarding to know that you have helped an innocent Dog that once landed in a Shelter make it once again to safety because of the help you have offered.Not only is it rewarding to the Dog but also to yourself knowing that you helped change their lifes forever.A good deed that came from your heart as well as your families heart.!!!!!! Email phoenixbully@yahoo.com to find out how you can help a dog in need!!! We are more then happy to sent you an Foster Application any time.We are always available to answer any questions you may have.Or if you are not sure,just call or email us and we will get back with you day and night.

Who We Are

*******UPDATE:WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING IN ANY MORE DOG AGGRESSIVE OR HUMAN AGGRESSIVE DOGS.SO IF YOU ARE WANTING TO DO AN OWNER SURRENDER OR A SHELTER CONTACTING US AND THE DOG HAS AGGRESSION ISSUES,WE WILL NOT EXCEPT IT ANY LONGER INTO OUR RESCUE. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS BRINGS YOU*****A Phoenix's Rise Bully & All Breed Rescue (NO KILL*** unless the dog has severe Human Aggression or Dog Aggression***) is a responsible group of volunteers and foster homes that are dedicated to Rescue & Rehabilitation of All breeds now. With the new Foster homes we have lined up we are now capable of rescuing more breeds and that makes a big difference to us. It means more lifes saved. Dogs that have been Abused/ Neglected/Unwanted/Chained. Most of our rescues are from High-KILL shelters...mainly gassing and heart stick, as well as from shelters with overflow. We also help with dogs from families facing foreclosures, job loss or just hard times. And dogs on chains and outdoors pens. We also love to dedicate some rescue space for Out-of-State Rescues, to save dogs in DANGER of being euthanized due to no space or out of time. Our philosophy is - A dog that comes from another State knows no boundries - meaning the dog does not know what state its in or from. Every dog needs a home. We are a dedicated rescue reaching out to educate the public about responsible ownership, Breed Specific Legislation and the importance to canine welfare. We also are trying to educate the importance to report dog fighting and to bring an end to this so called "Blood Sport". Irresponsible owners should be held fully accountable for the actions of ANY and ALL breeds.

Adoption Procedure

We are a foster-based program and do not have a shelter. Meeting our dogs is by appointment only.Email us so we can send you an ADOPTION APPLICATION. After review we will contact you and, if approved, schedule a MEETING, and HOME VISIT. It usually doesnít take more than a day or two to process the application once it is received. We have a varying adoption fee depending on the desired dog.. It takes about 175$ to fully vet one animal with basic vetting but many times our rescues come in with more problems than simple vetting. ***All dogs must be fully vetted PRIOR to adoption. We NEVER adopt out any dogs that are NOT spayed/neutered, Rabies vaccinated, DHLLP Vaccinated, and micro chipped. (The only exception to that is if they are under 4 months, too young, and we have a contract that is legally binding that our approved homes sign. We only make these exceptions if we are 100% that the pup will be altered under the care of the new home)! It is irresponsible to do otherwise. We are funded solely on donations so unless we have donations in to cover the vetting in full, we cannot adopt out that particular dog until it is done. We can, however, accept the adoption donation prior to adoption and hold the dog to finish vetting. FOR PIT BULLS/PIT BULL MIXES Keep this mind**Contact your insurance agent to find out if they are restricted under your current policy. There are companies out there that forbid them to even be on your property. If this is the case you will need to consider switching to another company (like Farmers or All Seasons) that provides the coverage you need without breed restrictions. It is STATE LAW to have and maintain a $100,000.00 liability policy when owning these dogs and adopters without proper documentation of this will not be considered. For more information on Insurance requirements please contact All Seasons Insurance 1-877-GO-BUCKS for more information and a free quote. Getting or switching insurance is really not a headache, and believe me when I say our dogs are worth it. Please contact your State and local legislators and let them know the insurance law should be repealed!


Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites (or any dog food you chose to donate: canned or dry)
Dog Toys i.e. balls, Frisbees
Chew toys
Dog Treats
Crates/Kennels (any size)
Dog Houses (strictly for use to give shelters to dogs without)
Flea/Tick Prevention
Dog Beds
Left over Dog Medications(Not Expired)
Training Pads
Food Bowels

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