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On top of pulling dogs from euthanization lists and high-kill shelters, LuvFurMutts also takes in a lot of dogs whose owners have died or have been hospitalized and can no longer care for their beloved companions. 

We know many of you cannot have or do not want a dog permanently. However, if you would like to try fostering (all medical expenses/needs covered), please contact LuvFurMutts today and visit our website at 


Adopting A Friend

  Hello, My name is Sweetie! I am a 9 year old, 20 pound, female Mountain Feist mix. I have the funniest walk, I prance with my long deer legs. I am a smart girl! I am potty trained and take my business outside. I have been crated before by my foster mommy, but after all, I am so sweet and calm that I don't really need it. I know a few basic commands: sit and lay down. I also do a begging one when I have a treat in front of me. I look the cutest when I do this. Like most girls, I don't like competition, so I am a bit dog selective. It might take me a while and patience to like a dog, but if they're nice I can like them. I love playing with my foster fur sister and her puppies. So like my foster mom says I am just picky about who I like but I like some of you doggies out there ;) I also don't like cats. I loooove kids, but I'd prefer kids that know how to not get all up in my face, so 5 & up. All I want is to curl up on a bed or blanket and just sleep, but when you get a squeaky toy in front of me I can play too! Dont get me wrong. I am pretty energetic for my age. Some people including my foster mom doubt I am 9. I am so healthy and energetic that people think I am a youngster ;) I am not high-maintenance and I am the sweetest thing! Something I do loooooooove are butt scratches (see my latest video for this ;)!)

I have been with LFM since March 2015... yes, you read that right. I would love to find my furever home. I think I deserve it already!

Okay, get ready for the water works! Before the nice people at LFM rescued me, I was kept outside in a kennel, and fed every once in a while. That is why I try to escape fences because the mean people kept me locked up for too long! Since I am a bit tricky I need to be leashed when outside. I see a squirrel or a bird and boy do I want to get it. (Haha!) I am adventurous so sometimes I just want to run out the door the minute you open it, so my foster mommy makes sure I am leashed or behind the room gate before she opens the door. All I want is a dedicated person to love me and not leave me outside in a cage. Since I am so good, I can live in a house or an apartment. I don't really care as long as there is my human inside of it and I can sleep and play and cuddle all day! Can you open your heart up to me?

Watch Sweetie in action:


To apply for adoption, please visit WWW.LUVFURMUTTS.COM

Who We Are

LuvFurMutts, a 501c3, is a volunteer-based animal rescue that operates a foster program which re-homes unwanted pets to caretakers of all ages; in particular to seniors. Our goal is to offer a loving home to all pets and to provide care to those pets in need of medical attention. We provide education and promote awareness to the general public to control the pet population through spaying/neutering and adopting animals from shelters rather than breeders and puppy mills.

LuvFurMutts is an all-volunteer rescue run solely out of foster homes. We do not have a facility for you to come and visit our dogs, but we would love to see you at our adoption events where you can meet them! 

Our number one goal is to save as many dogs as we can.  If you would like to help us in this mission, we are always in need of volunteers, foster homes, donations or goods.  

Thank you for your time and remember, mutts need love, too!



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Please visit http://luvfurmutts.com/upcoming-events.html to view our upcoming adoption events!


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