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On top of pulling dogs from euthanization lists and high-kill shelters, LuvFurMutts also takes in a lot of dogs whose owners have died or have been hospitalized and can no longer care for their beloved companions. 

We know many of you cannot have or do not want a dog permanently. However, if you would like to try fostering (all medical expenses/needs covered), please contact LuvFurMutts today and visit our website at 


Adopting A Friend

Ella has been with LuvFurMutts Rescue for some time now!

Ella is a Female Chihuahua that is approximately three years old.  Despite being so young, she has already had quite a life.  Ella has had 9 pups already and the shelter she came from adopted them out.  Poor Ella was left all alone, but now that she is with LuvFurMutts, she will be treated like a princess until her forever family comes along. All we really know about Ella’s past is that she was originally owned by an elderly woman who let her dogs run the neighborhood (hence the puppies) and the family finally stepped in and turned them into the shelter. Since she has gotten out of the pound, she has come such a long way.  She likes to play now and loves laps and belly rubs.  She doesn't play too much with other dogs, but is fine with them.  She will keep herself entertained with a toy. We are really proud of her progress.  When we first got her she was scared and wouldn't come up to anyone, but now she greets everyone and loves to play with people.  Can you open your heart to this little gal?



Who We Are

LuvFurMutts, a 501c3, is a volunteer-based animal rescue that operates a foster program which re-homes unwanted pets to caretakers of all ages; in particular to seniors. Our goal is to offer a loving home to all pets and to provide care to those pets in need of medical attention. We provide education and promote awareness to the general public to control the pet population through spaying/neutering and adopting animals from shelters rather than breeders and puppy mills.

LuvFurMutts is an all-volunteer rescue run solely out of foster homes. We do not have a facility for you to come and visit our dogs, but we would love to see you at our adoption events where you can meet them! 

Our number one goal is to save as many dogs as we can.  If you would like to help us in this mission, we are always in need of volunteers, foster homes, donations or goods.  

Thank you for your time and remember, mutts need love, too!



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Please visit http://luvfurmutts.com/upcoming-events.html to view our upcoming adoption events!


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