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Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio are the Northern Friends and Partners of Joey's Greyhound Friends, Inc. in Florida, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving and responsible homes for greyhounds who are lucky enough to enter the rescue community after their racing career is over. We also promote public awareness about the plight of the racing greyhounds, find homes for retired racing greyhounds, and provide support in many different ways. Our all volunteer organization consists of experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable volunteers. Many of us have been working with and placing Greyhounds for over ten years. Our goal is to find the right Greyhound for you! We want our adoptions to last forever! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about adopting a retired Greyhound and we will be very happy to help. Please visit our website for more information ( The Volunteers of Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio

Adopting a Greyt Companion

Are You Ready to Adopt? Consider the following: • They need an annual health check. • They need to be on heartworm preventative. • They need to be fed a premium dog food. • They will need flea and tick control during the warmer months. • They can become sick or injured and need medical treatment. Greyhounds will come to you as adults. Greyhounds may live to 12 or 14 years of age therefore requiring a long-term commitment on your part. They have already been socialized at the track and that is their only life experience. Since they have never had anything of their very own, in the beginning your greyhound may not know how to share a favorite toy or coveted item. Greyhounds are used to a regimented routine at the track. Their entire world consists of their crate, turn-out pen, training, and racing. If your Greyhound sees food, he or she will think it is meant for them and will not know that the food on your kitchen counter or in your trash can is off limits to them. Greyhounds are not used to being awakened by touch and some greyhounds may react in a defensive way. Initially, they can become overwhelmed with too many people and too much attention. The good news is that Greyhounds are one of the most adaptable breeds in the world. They are quick learners and intelligent dogs which makes them wonderful companion dogs. Your Greyhound will look to you to teach it how to live in a new, exciting, and vastly different world. You are responsible for giving your Greyhound a second chance at a new life. The rewards are great for both owner and Greyhound. The Application You can call for an application to be mailed to you, e-mail us or print out the application from the website and email it to us. Once your application is received, someone will call you to schedule a telephone interview and home visit. If you do not hear from us within a few days, please call since occasionally technology fails. The Home Visit During the home visit, we will go over how to care for your Greyhound. We will also be looking for safety issues that may need to be addressed before you bring your new Greyhound home. We will work closely with you to match the right greyhound with your family’s needs. The better we get to know you, the easier it will be to find the right match for your family. Our goal is to find the right greyhound for you. We want our adoptions to last forever! The Adoption Fee Adoption fees help cover the Greyhound's spay/neuter, dental, vaccinations, heartworm check, worming, new collar and leash, physical exam, transportation, and care while the dog is fostered. The adoption fee is $250.00. The adoption fee for senior or special needs Greyhound is $150.00. Joey’s Greyhound Friends of Ohio relies upon foster families to help each Greyhound make the transition to home life while awaiting adoption. We can always use more foster homes!!! The foster family helps the Greyhound:  Learn appropriate house manners  Learn what retired life has to offer and how to transition from track to being a pet  Learn about stairs, ceiling fans, mirrors, patio doors and other things we take for granted. We work to place the right Greyhound in the right home with the commitment of our hard-working and dedicated volunteers.

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Joey’s Greyhound Friends of Ohio relies exclusively on foster homes to care for the Greyhounds. We have frequent Meet & Greets, at which there are normally adoptable Greyhounds in attendance. Please visit our website: for locations, dates and time, and current news.
Joey's Greyhound Friends
1757 Acreview Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45240
Phone: 513-478-1870

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