Brook Park Animal Shelter

Our Adoptable Pet List

The animals we house are strays or owner give ups, we cannot be certain of their histories. Our dogs and cats have not received an inital examination or any vaccinations. However, we advise that you take the pet to a veterinarian of your choice immediately for a health check . If you have other pets at home, you should keep the pet away from the other ones until it has been examined by your veterinarian.

Adoption fee is $25.00. The adoption fee does not include shots, spay or neuter. We do require you to sign the adoption contracts.
Adoption fee for purebreeds will be determined by the Animal Warden.

Call 216-265-DOGS (3647) To schedule an appointment to see adoptable pets

Brook Park Animal Shelter
5590 Smith Road
Brook Park, Ohio 44142
Must Call for an appointment for all adoptions

Phone: 216-265-3647
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