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We can't save dogs without YOU! You can help with phone calls or pc time from home, help with our pet store adoptions, help with driving our pets to the vets for appointments, donate crafts for fund raising, any amount of FLEXIBLE time you have from home or outside the home you can help us save pets one at a time. OUR Volunteer TEAM are compassionate folks that share their ideas, time and efforts to rescue dogs in need. We volunteer as a team and keep in touch via our private yahoo group regarding each of our dogs in rescue. We pay all expenses for our foster homes; they do not have to put out money to help our rescue dogs. Email: for more infomation.
DONATIONS: you can help us by donating any small amount to help feed and buy supplies for our rescue dogs, each one needs a leash, collar, food, toys, blankets or medicines, our adoption fees don't cover all our rescue costs, so donating to help a specific dog you like on our page, helps defray our cost to care for that dog or our more needy dogs in rescue OUR ADOPTION FEES DO NOT COVER all our cost to rescue a dog. WE NEED YOUR HELP AND DONATIONS to continue.

Who We Are

Ron's Rescued Rascals saves PRE POUND dogs (we have help before you take a dog to the pound to find adopters), strays (dogs found by strangers who don't want to take the dog to the pound), owner turn ins (owners who can't keep their loving pets any longer) and dogs who have been abused or lived in a cage all their lives. RRR will take them in if we have a foster home available; and foster them while evaluating their personalities, loving them and showing them a good life while socializing them. Some of our dogs have been tested with cats, kids, teenagers it all depends if our foster home has exposed them to these situations. Just ask us specific questions about a dog you are inquiring about and we will share with you all we have observed while in foster care.

Our BASIC care of our rescues includes our veterinarian's exam, a up to date 5/1 annual shot, a rabies shot and tag, a heartworm test that passed, annual deworming, and spay or neutering of dogs 7 months or older. Puppies can be adopted younger with a spay neuter agreement to be done before 7 months old. Our EXTENDED care includes any additional surgeries needed like dental cleaning, some tooth extractions, hernia repairs, minor visible things our veterinarian deems necessary at the time we spay or neuter a rescue dog. IT all adds up just to bring the dog up to date on the vetting they might have missed before we found them. If we find a dog with heartworm we always treat them and then we try to find donations to help treat and save the dog. ETHICAL RESCUES NEVER MAKE MONEY they always need donations to keep rescuing dogs in need.

A lot goes in to saving a dog, we never know what we will find or encounter in their personalities, or health, but we do what we can to give each dog a chance and find them a loving home and happy adopter. Many times, our adoption fees don't even cover the cost of that dog's needed vet care and foster care. So then if we have a dog that doesn't take up all the funds for his adoption fee, the balance goes to help the other needy dogs with their extended health care needs. RESCUE NEVER MAKES MONEY.

Our fees vary from $100 for a mixed breed dog to $400 or more for a specific breed pure breed dog.

Adopting a friend

You must be able to drive to our fosters home to pick up your new pet, we do not transport, and we do not allow our dogs to fly . We do adopt out of state to adjoining states to Ohio and some other States.. We prefer a fenced yard, but we don't always require one, it depends on each individual dogs habits if one is needed. We do not adopt toy breed dogs to homes with toddlers, but we do adopt to homes with kids. Please email us if you have any questions on our policies.

We do have an application on line Please see our home page 3rd line down, ON LINE APPLICATION. After we received your COMPLETED application back, we do reference checks. When your application is approved our FOSTER MOM contacts you to set an appointment for you to come meet our rescue dog. We do not set appointments to see dogs without a completed application, these dogs are in private volunteer foster homes and we can't allow visits without applications and appointments set to visit. WE ARE NOT A SHELTER...... This process usually takes a week from when we receive your application. If you have not heard back from us in a week, please email us. We have an all volunteer team working to care for the dogs and process applications at the same time.


Our foster dogs are in our volunteers private homes, so a completed application and then approval is necessary to come meet our dogs by appointments. Most of our foster homes are located in OHIO, MI and PA. Most of our dog info pages list the city the dog is being fostered in. Please map it to see if you are willing to drive to meet and adopt the dog you applied for. OUR APPLICATION TO ADOPT IS ON LINE, on our home page on PETFINDER. Thank you for thinking of rescuing a dog instead of buying from a pet store that promotes puppy mill dogs continued lives there. Thank you for adopting an adult dog, they need love too and give you so much in return. Puppies are wonderful,b ut they require alot more time and energy for the lst few years. Adults come full grown and you know the size, you know their perks and personalities. Thank you for considering adopting from a rescue instead of a FREE dog lnternet site. Those dogs might not be fully vetted and you will spend a lot of vetting money after you get it. Our dogs even have dentals if needed and we disclose all health information we know about the dog. Others with no need to remain in rescue don't necessarily tell you all they know about the dog they are giving away Free or for a small fee, we do.
Ron's Rascal Rescues

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