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Who We Are

Skunk Haven Skunk Rescue, Shelter, and Education, Inc. (SkunkHaven) is dedicated to promoting companion skunk ownership and promoting skunks in a positive manner. We are a non-profit 501 (c)3 .The purposes of SkunkHaven shall include:  Promoting pen raised (domestic) skunks and the general acceptance of skunks as house pets.  Assisting in the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement or sponsoring of unwanted or neglected domestic skunks.  Furthering veterinary care and general maintenance of domestic skunks.  Assisting in data collection by and for veterinarians.  Educating the general public, veterinarians, and government officials on various aspects of pet skunks.  Providing a safe home for domestic skunks to live out their lives.  Assisting with financial aid for collective data, rescue, and medical projects.  Furthering efforts to obtain an approved rabies vaccine and quarantine period for skunks.  Assisting people in changing state laws regarding domestic pet skunks.  Educating the public to change how they interact with wild skunks.  Assisting the public living with wild skunks in their area.  Rehabilitating wild orphan infant skunks for release.

Adopting a friend

RULES FOR ADOPTIONS > Do NOT call us with out checking to see if your state is legal or not. Legal states only!. look . Must have a vet to care for skunk prior to adoption. Must read on skunk care first. Please fill out the adoption application on line at We do NOT SHIP skunks. Skunks are not a novelty pet make sure you know about skunks before you call us. Some may or may not go in litter box. Some may or may not be lap skunks. Can you afford vet care and diet plan? People make food daily for skunks. Pick up only.These are captive bred skunks. The scent sac's have been taken out by the breeders. It's illegal to take a skunk out of the wild.

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Skunk Haven Inc
32072 Center Ridge Road

North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Phone: 440-327-4349

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