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We have wonderful chinnies available for adoption in our shelter. Chinchillas come with a month supply of pellets, vitamin grain mix and hay .. New or used cages (check with us to see what we have available) and supplies are available at reasonable pricing at our facility or online store at . Cage information at Guidence and education about your new pet is available and will be reviewed with you while adopting a chinchilla. We will do our best to help answer any questions as well as asist you in training your new pet.


Our shelter has been active since 1997. Some chinchillas are in our shelter for a relatively short time but others may be here for 6-8 months. Please consider seriously adopting from our shelter. Please be aware that chinchillas live 15-20 years and require air-conditioning in warmer weather. They are very social and need to be part of the home enviornment. Chinchillas hiden away in a childs room or an unused basement are not good homes for these wonderful little pets. Chinchillas like other intellegent pets need to be near the main living areas in the home and to be part of the family. Chinchillas are nocturnal but need to be exposed to normal daylight and not kept in a dark room. A main room or one right off a main room is a good place for your chinchilla.

Who We Are

Chinchilla Buddies has been rehoming surrendered chinchillas for over 15 years. I have over 18 yrs experience with chinchillas. Most of the animals we receive in our shelter are due to life style changes of the pet owners. Sometimes people relocate to a new apartment that will not accept pets, others suffer streses of various sorts that cause them to have to give up their pet. Most of these animals are tame , friendly and looking for love in a wonderful home. Our goal is to evaluate the animals and do our best to place them in a home that will suit their needs at well as the needs of the new owner. Both medical and physical evaluations are given for 20 days prior to being available for adoption.

Adopting a friend

Do you see an animal you would like to meet and adopt? Please email me with information about you and your family and why you are interested in a chinchilla as a pet. Please give me your phone number and a good time to call you for an interview. You must be able to come here to adopt a chin we do not ship animals and we do not deliver animals. These animals are for pets not breeding and you will be required to sign a statement that legally binds you to these terms. Educational assistance is available to help expand your knowledge of your adopted chinchilla. We have new and used cages and supplies available at our facility and online to help create a comfortable enviornment for adopted pets. All proceeds from the store assist Chinchilla Buddies Shelter. MORE INFORMATION ON CHINCHILLAS Chinchillas are from South America found mainly in Peru and Argentina. These little fur balls love to leap and climb. As a pet you will be amazed at the heights they jump during playtime. Chinchillas require a lot of exercise and lots of playful interaction with their owners. Since these animals are from mountainous regions they are adapted to cool, non-humid air conditions. When having a chinchilla as a pet it is mandatory that they have proper air-conditioning during the warmer seasons. We here in Ohio have high humidity during summer months this is deadly to a chinchilla. A fan will not cool chinchillas. They do not sweat or pant like other animals so if you use a fan to try to cool them you will only be blowing hot air on them and creating more stress. Temps most comfortable for our pet chins are 64-72 leaning on the cooler side. Temps above 75 in combination with humidity will kill your loving pet. Wintertime most people keep their home at 68-72 and the air is drier; this is fine for the chinchilla. Chinchillas are inexpensive to own and do not require shots. Be sure there is a vet near you that can care for your chin if it should get sick or injured. Chinchillas live 15 to 20 yrs and many are capable of reproducing up into their teens. Chinchillas are very smart. They learn their name in a short period of time; they recognize different people within the house. They will bond to the whole family but may still have a favorite. Chinchillas look at everything as fun and adventure. Always make a new experience positive so your chin learns that it is always safe. Chinchillas are the "Boss". They feel the need to always be in charge, respect this by pretending they are and your pet will love you all the more. Always expect more from your chins intellegents and you'll get more! They are able to learn continually and have a long memory. Some chins are very trainable while others train you. Chinchillas need to chew, their teeth grow throughout their life and hays, chew toys, good feed and filtered water all benefit the teeth. Take time to read more about chinchillas on our store site at

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If you would like to meet chinchillas for adoption and talk with us to be sure this is the right pet for your family please email me.
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