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Our Adoptable Pets List

**Shelter Medicine Tag Success Stories**

The Shelter Medicine Fund was created in 2009 and is funded by the sale of special shaped dog licenses that can be purchased for an additional $5.00 over the regular license fee. To date, sales of these tags have raised $12,000.50 and thirteen dogs have received treatment from this fund.


**Crash has been adopted**Crash is a black and white male Collie Mix. He was found on Derussey Rd with a badly injured tail. Crash was taken to Vermilion Regional Vet Clinic in Wakeman through our Shelter Medicine fund and received medical treatment for his injuries and is making a full recovery.

**Pumpkin has been adopted**Pumpkin is a female Terrier mix breed that was able to get vet checked through the Shelter Medicine Program. She came into our office on Monday, November 16th. With the assistance of the Shelter Medicine Fund we were able to get her vet checked on Friday, November 20th. She was flea treated and it was found that she had a tooth abscess. She was put on antibiotics for the abscess and Dr. Hendrickson from the Norwalk Vet Clinic agreed to treat the tooth abscess for whoever adopted her.


**Skip has been adopted**Skip was another one of several that have received treatment though the Shelter Medicine program. Skip was a male black and white colored Mixed Breed dog that was found in Norwalk along the bike trail with a badly broken rear leg. We decided he was just too friendly to let a broken leg stop him from having a second chance at life in a new home. Skip was taken to the Willard Veterinary Clinic and thanks to a compassionate vet and the ôShelter Medicine Fundö a pin was inserted into his broken rear leg and he is recovering very well. In addition to getting his leg repaired Skip was neutered, vaccinated and heart-worm tested.

To find out more about the Shelter Medicine Fund please contact the Dog Warden Department at 419-668-9773 or email at


*Adoption Notice*

Our dogs are up for adoption on a first come first serve basis. Drive time holds will be considered on a case to case basis. If there is more than one person waiting at the shelter when we open we will have a drawing to determine who may adopt. If you are coming from far away please call to make sure the dog is still available before you leave.

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Who We Are

The Huron County Dog Warden is here to promote effective, efficient, and humane dog control programs for the health and safety of the public and their companion animals. We provide a close connection with other organizations and groups having related interests, and exchange information regarding animal control. We are here to educate the public about dog ownership responsibilities, and promote the publicsĺ understanding and cooperation with dog control programs.

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Adopting a friend

The adoption fee is $34.75 and includes a current dog license for the year honored in all 88 Ohio Counties. We except cash or check only for adoptions, and if you have any questions please give us a call.

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Come Visit Us!

Huron County Dog Warden is located on Shady Lane on the south side of Norwalk. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Huron County Dog Warden Office
130 Shady Lane
Building E
Norwalk, OH 44857
Phone: 419-668-9773


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