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NOTE: CanineWorks is an independent rescue and sanctuary housed at my residence. Since I have not turned down even some dogs with minor issues, it sometimes takes a long time to find compatible homes and currently 4 dogs are here for life because of behavioral or health reasons. They are healthy and very happy but keeping them saps the energy and money from my rescue program. I receive no funding assistance from any government, corporate or even private sources. Please consider a donation or sponsoring a dog for $20/mo or whatever you can afford. Also, please be sure to email for an application on a dog before visiting. We have no regular hours since we are not a public shelter but rather a private rescue/sanctuary.


To help support the dogs here at CanineWorks, I have resumed my 25 yr avocation of doing artwork and needlework designing for sale. Check out my homepage at
CanineWorks Rescue and Sanctuary (and Art!)
100% of the proceeds go toward care, vetting, shelter and food for the sanctuary dogs here at CWR.

Our Featured Pet...

We try to match our dogs and puppies with the best new owners for each dog. They are so different in their personalities, sizes, exercise needs, and behaviors that we can never just "sell" a dog to the highest bidder. The wonderful thing about this matchmaking procedure is that it helps ensure that you as an adopter will end up with the right dog for you whether it is from CanineWorks Rescue or another rescue. We work constantly with other rescues in Ohio, WV, MI, IN and even other areas so we can be aware of dogs in the most immediate need and also help to find the best match for you. It will most likely be the one you are applying to adopt, since you can search most of the other rescues yourself, but sometimes rescues have new dogs not yet on their websites or we know of good dogs in kill shelters or pounds that may also be good pets.

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Check out our Happy Tails for dogs placed through this rescue. Please notice the wide variety of dogs and puppies! Although it is hard to believe for those who live in more affluent regions of the country, each of these was facing death and came here as a last resort in order to save their lives.

A HUGE THANK YOU! To each of the following:

*a group of 7 and 8 year olds in New York City who raised money for CWR with a bake sale
*the adopter of "Blue", and their extended family for sending donations of towels, blankets, dog goodies and many other items we can use here at CanineWorks
*a donor from Georgia who has sent care packages with collars, leashes, toys and other things that brighten our day
*an OH donor who has given a large amount of money for purchase of food
*several friends and family members of June Nolan of OH who each donated to CWR in her memory
*a PA friend who gave money to help with the care of a special little Siberian husky puppy
*Other rescuers, donors, transporters, moral supporters and helpers

With no government, local or grant aid even a little bit can go a long, long way. The good news is that CanineWorks is in the process of gaining non-profit status. We do of course accept any and all donations of money, food, blankets or dog supplies (shampoo, toys, brushes, etc). We also offer a "sponsor a sanctuary dog program" where you can help maintain the life of a healthy dog that is not adoptable to most homes but is living a happy life here at our sanctuary. You can make a one time donation to help a dog or choose to support one with a monthly payment. Email CWR if you are interested in this program.

Who We Are...

CanineWorks Rescue (CWR) exists as a foster home, halfway house and sanctuary for dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages. Our ability to help dogs is extremely limited because of our shortage of resources. For that reason, the helpers listed above are treasured and can know that they have directly helped to keep alive and allow comfort to be given to a homeless dog. All donations to CanineWorks Rescue are used exclusively for the dogs here so those who help out can really make a difference!

Sandy Stealey, CWR founder and president/director has been actively participating in rescue for over 15 years and, for the past 13, CWR has helped nearly 700 dogs through this grass roots effort. We take rescue very seriously and are always professional and reputable in our endeavors. Unfortunately, not all who call themselves "rescues" are. We will gladly share references from multiple adopters, veterinarians and rescues upon request.

At CanineWorks Rescue we have our own proven methods of rescue and placement, temperament assessment, physical and behavioral evaluation, breed identification and basic pet training learned over the years of work with hundreds of dogs and many other gracious rescues.

The dogs here are kept in one or more of the 7 grassy play areas and are rotated to allow for the best socialization, safety and comfort we can offer. These play areas range in size from 12 x 20 ft to 1 acre and each has not only individual housing but also larger shaded/sheltered areas. The entire facility is over 2 acres and is surrounded by escape proof chain link, board and electric fence. We are in the middle of our own 26 acre tract of land and surrounded by thousands of acres of rural countryside, farms and small towns.

Adopting a friend...

Our adoption process is thorough, but we try to make a dog available to as many adopters as possible. There are few to no hard and fast rules because of the wide variety of dogs being rescued. However, we reserve the right to refuse adoption to any individual, since we have to live for the rest of our lives knowing we are responsible for where each dog ends up. We truly do consider ourselves "Matchmakers" . We look at each dog and each adopter as individuals and use our evaluations of the dogs to help find the best fit for the dog AND the adopter. While we will always take CanineWorks foster dogs back at any time in their life, our goal is to prevent that if at all possible

Written application (can be emailed), reference checks, home visit and contract are required in every adoption from CanineWorks.

Dogs adopted from CanineWorks have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on vaccines, have been wormed on a regular basis, are heartworm negative and on preventative, have been fed a good quality food, have had exposure to people and other dogs. In the rare case that a dog has a potential temperament problem but is still considered adoptable, the dog's complete history will, of course, be discussed with any potential adopter.

This special care in evaluation, handling, matching with an adopter along with complete veterinary care and unlimited advice before and after adoption are some of the benefits of adopting a dog from a reputable rescue like CanineWorks.
However, there are many thousands of dogs that we cannot take in here because we don't have the space or money. Since we are always aware of adoptable dogs in pounds or shelters and with other reputable rescuers, we will always be happy to refer any potential adopter to a suitable dog if we don't have what you want. For every one dog we take in there are literally thousands of puppies and dogs of all sizes, colors and breeds that are in danger of losing their lives at other pounds or shelters. Our only goal is to help dogs find homes, even if they are from another rescue or shelter.
CanineWorks Rescue
42520 Calaway Rd

Coolville, OH 45723
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