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OPEN ARMS POUND RESCUE works to facilitate the rescue or adoption of shelter dogs, primarily but not exclusively from Kentucky and western Ohio. We assist rescues to pull dogs, arrange vetting, and coordinate transport. We screen potential adopters of pound dogs if we are asked to help with pull or transport. We also have dogs we have pulled from the pound in Mercer County, or one of the surrounding counties, who are in foster care ready for placement in forever homes. Those dogs will already have been fully vaccinated, placed on heartworm preventative, and spayed or neutered.

At Open Arms Pound Rescue, we believe very strongly that if we assist in moving a dog, that dog must be going into a safer and happier environment than the one he left.

  • We screen rescues we don't know. We send dogs only to rescues that spay or neuter every pet before adoption; screen adopters thoroughly, including reference checks and home visits; and require that a pet be returned to them if for any reason the adopter no longer wants to keep him.
  • If we are to send a dog into a forever home, the potential adopter must fill out a detailed application. We do extensive interviews, check references and require a home visit in every case. We adopt all dogs on the understanding that they will be indoor pets, treated as full members of the family. We very rarely approve adoptions to homes with yards that lack secure above-ground fencing. If for any reason the adoption doesn't work out, the pet must be returned to us.
  • If the dog is coming directly from the pound, the adopter must agree to call in a credit card to a local veterinary clinic to pay for full vetting, including spay/neuter, before we will finalize an adoption or coordinate transport.


    Foster homes are the heart of rescue! Heartbreakingly, we have to turn our backs on dogs every day because we have nowhere to put them. If you would consider opening your home to a dog in need on a temporary basis, please complete the foster application on our website. You don't need to live in northwest Ohio to foster for us. Remember: the more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save.


    If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, please fill out an application on our website as completely as possible. We will evaluate your application, then call your veterinarian(s) and your personal references. The dog's foster will conduct one or more telephone interviews. If everything checks out, we will then schedule a home visit to see where the dog will live. Once you are approved to adopt from us, we will arrange for you to meet the dog and possibly go home with him or her. We sometimes receive a number of applications for the same dog. The more completely you fill out the application, the better we can determine whether you are a good match for the dog. We allow only approved applicants to meet our dogs. Please understand that our first concern is the lifelong happiness and well-being of our dogs. We do not adopt on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Our adoption donation includes the dog's vaccinations, worming, heartworm test and preventative, flea control, and spay/neuter surgery.

    We ask that you please be patient while we process your application. Ours is a very small rescue, and we work very demanding full-time jobs, so sometimes it takes a week or more before we can check your references. Our initial contacts with you will be by e-mail, not telephone, so make sure you check your e-mail regularly after you submit your application.


    In addition to foster homes, we regularly need transporters near major interstates in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York to help move pound dogs to rescues in Canada and other areas. Transports usually occur on weekends, but very occasionally on weekdays. If you would like to help save lives in this way, please email us, or join our yahoo group, Open Arms Transports.


    We are always grateful for donations to help pay for vet care, pull fees, boarding and transport expenses. If you would like to sponsor a pound dog or make a donation, please email us.

    Open Arms Pound Rescue is a federal 501c3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Please note that gifts made through the Sponsor button on our individual pet pages DO NOT sponsor our pets. Those gifts go to the Petfinder Foundation. To donate to Open Arms, please use this button.

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