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Marilynís Voice was founded in April of 2007 by Kristina Lange. When the owners of the infamous Buckeye Dog Auction announced itís sale and relocation to Geauga County, Kristina stepped up to the plate to organize a peaceful protest against the auction, known to cater to puppy mills from Ohio and throughout the United States. After further research, and from her own experience in owning two puppy mill rescues (Marilyn Monrow and Jackie-O), the horrors of what these dogs and puppies go through at the mills and auctions became devastatingly clear. She was further appalled to learn her own state of Ohio is one of the worst states in the number of these puppy mills. Kristina vowed dedicate her life to fighting this despicable practice.

Through the pressure of city officials, the media, and members of the upcoming protest, the Geauga Dog Auction was cancelled. Unfortunately, the Buckeye Dog Auction then returned to Holmes County.

Now that theyíd begun the fight, and with a great victory behind them, Kristina and her supporters formed Marilynís Voice. The group is named after Kristinaís rescue, Marilyn, whose vocal cords were cut while she was still at a puppy mill. Such debarking is a common practice in these situations to keep a large number of dogs quiet. The members of Marilynís Voice promise continue to educate the public about the puppy mill problem in Ohio.

As for Marilyn Monrow and Jackie-O, both girls had health, socialization, behavioral, trust, and housebreaking issues when they first came to Kristina in February of 2006. They are slowly overcoming these issues. Marilyn will be a certified therapy dog next month. Kristina never thought she'd see that day. Her dream is for all dogs with such awful beginnings get the same chance as Marilyn and Jackie had for a new beginning.

Be sure to visit us and learn more at www.MarilynsVoice.org.

Adopting a friend

We are not a shelter. Our dogs are in foster homes where our wonderful foster parents get to know the dogs so that we can find them the best possible match.

If you decide you are interested in adopting a Marilyn's Voice dog, please fill out the application on our web site through this link http://www.marilynsvoice.org/adoption_form.php If you have another dog, we ask to set up a time for the dogs to meet before a final decision is made. No matter how much you love one of our dogs... your dog might not agree!

Be sure to visit us and learn more at www.MarilynsVoice.org.
Marilyns Voice, Inc.
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