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At this time Animals for Life is unable to take on any more cats or dogs due to a full house. Please consider adopting one of our kitties. Thank you. Animals for Life is an all volunteer private cat(mainly)rescue. The cats are in foster homes or our personal home. At this time our cats can only be seen on-line without setting up an appointment for evenings or weekends. Please email to setup an appointment. Thank you.
We are currently looking for foster homes and adoptive homes for our cats. We are over capacity at this time and sadly we cannot accept any more cats or kittens.

We have been successful in finding homes for some of our felines. We look forward to finding forever homes for many more this year.

If you are unable to keep a cat due to allergies in the family consider helping out one of our kitties by making a donation. It would be greatly appreciated by our special little ones. Donations can be sent to Animals for Life, P. O. Box 336, Xenia, OH 45385

Who We Are

Cats are our focus. We are setup for cats and therefore normally do not have dogs. We currently have one Jack Russell mix dog. We are a no-kill cat rescue and therefore find ourselves over capacity most of the time with our felines. We are currently unable to accept any more animals or any type. We run the rescue from our home and a few foster homes. Appointments must be made to see an animal/cat you are interested in.

Cats are our specialty, as well as what we have the most experience with. Not all of our cats/kittens are on-line so feel free to contact us about them. Please email to make an appointment. We have over 50 adoptable cats. Please email to make an appointment soon. Please spay and neuter your cats and dogs. This alone will assist with the over population in our corner of the world. Please research the needed care for the animal you are considering adopting. Also think ahead. Are you planning on starting a family and will then think you do not have enough time for the new pet. Please do not adopt then. Cats, dogs, etc are not throw aways. Adopt for life not for your convenience. Thank you. Our organization is run by volunteers who have full-time jobs in addition to volunteering. Our animals are housed in private homes. Please allow a couple days for a response via email. We try to respond within 24 hours but this is not always possible with the small group we are. If you are interested in fostering for us please drop us an email. Email is the quickest way to contact us. Email

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in one of our fine cats, please email. Ask us any questions you have and let us know who you are interested in. We'll reply as soon as possible and get an application form to you.

Wish List

Tidy Cat Litter or coupons
Purina cat food or coupons
Toys: mice, plastic balls with bells in them, curly Q plastic toys
Paper towels - white vinegar or bleach
Cat condos or scratching posts
Cat carriers
Cash/check donations
Towels for drying
Please email and we can arrange to pickup items you have. Address: Animals for Life, P. O. Box 336, Xenia, OH 45385


Here are some links about declawing, please read them if you are considering putting your cat through this procedure:
A Rational Look at Declawing from Jean Hofve, DVM
DECLAWING CATS: Issues & Alternatives
Best Friends Network entry

Animals for Life
P. O. Box 336
Xenia, OH 45385



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