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A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue has lots of nice parrots waiting for good homes!   We would like to chat with you over EMAIL (Sorry, no texting, no phone interviews).

Pictures and info about birds available for adoption are on this Petfinder site.  CLICK ON THE BIRDS' PICTURES for individual info about each bird.


Important:  Please read over our website, especially our page ADOPT BIRD  for more info about our organization and adoption process.  This is the link:




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Adopting A Friend

Interested in Adopting a Parrot?  


Parrots are adopted out to experienced parrot owners only.

Small birds are available to most everyone, pending approval by our Board of Directors.  Since this is a genuine rescue organization, you are not purchasing a bird from us.  You will be APPLYING TO ADOPT.  All adopters will be screened.  Our interviewer will explain further…  


PS:  Make sure your email service allows replies to your inquiry emails.  Check your email blocks, or we will not be able to contact you! 


Important Adoption Requirement for Large and Small Parrots, Quakers, Conures:  


A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue requires a paper copy of a proof receipt that you have owned a similar parrot in the recent past to qualify for adoption. Several documents apply.  See our main website page ADOPT BIRD for examples.  Pictures/Videos do not qualify as proof.  A Vet receipt paper copy is best.   Our “chat” will explain further.


Tame Parrots?


Available birds' info is on this site.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo takes in unwanted adult birds, rarely will we ever get in baby or real young birds.  These second hand birds are adopted out "as is".  We will give you all the personality info we have about the bird you are interested in.


Remember, THIS is a rescue agency, not a pet shop. Our adopters must have a good heart and an open mind if one wants to consider adopting an older homeless parrot.  We get in tame and not tame parrots.


Please research info on the species you are interested in.  A PARROT'S LIFESPAN CAN GO UP TO 80 YEARS DEPENDING ON THE SPECIES.  We specialize in rehoming parrots that may have a hard time being rehomed.  Birds must be healthy to be accepted, though.


Need a Cage?   Most birds do go out in their own cages. including toys and food.  We sometimes have extra used cages for sale if anyone does need a cage.  


Rehoming Fees?    Yes.  We run on private donations to help us pay for food and necessary care our rescue birds are in need of while in our care.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue gets no grant or Federal funding.  

Our Board of Directors makes all final adoption approvals.

Who We Are

 A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue, Inc. is a No-Kill, private nonprofit Ohio parrot/pet bird rescue/safe haven.    Our staff has been finding homes for unwanted parrots for over 30 years.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo functions as a parrot adoption and rehoming agency.  We are not a parrot sanctuary for permanent place parrots.  We are NOT soliciting for parrots for our private ownership. 


Birds are accepted as cage space opens up. We accept healthy parrots and small birds also.


We will take in most  parrots of any species, age or personality.  (We do not take in wild birds, farm birds, lories, lovebirds, eclectus, doves, peacocks or pigeons.)  


A-Parrot to A-Flamingo searches to find the best home for all birds released into our care.   However, the rehoming process will only start after your parrot has been turned over to our agency.



Our Location:  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue is located in a private home in Brecksville, between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, close to I-77, zip code 44141.  Our phone number is available upon request. 

Come Visit Us

Our Virtual Bird Tour is on this Petfinder site. CLICK ON "View our Adoptable Birds" at the top of this page for the complete list of birds available from our agency.  Then CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE BIRD for more details on that bird.   All info is updated as soon as we can.  


You must have an approved Application in our files in order to adopt a parrot from A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue. 


We do not ship nor meet you part way for drop-off.   Viewing is by appointment after your application has been OK'd.


We will adopt out to residents of Ohio-Pennsylvania-Michigan  (local to us).  


Our Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or deny any application submitted to us.


The safety and welfare of any bird in our care takes priority over a tentative Adopter's wants, opinions, or desires.



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Be sure to CLICK on the picture of the BIRD for the bird's details. 

If you contact us below, tell us what species you are looking for, give us some info about yourself and about the birds you own or have owned in the past.  




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