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Who We Are

MPM / Evans German Shepherd Dogs, is a small group of individuals who work together in an effort to rescue and re-home German Shepherd Dogs from death, illness, and distress. We spend our own money and time. We operate exclusively out of our homes. Our dogs are of "Working Character" or "Traditional German Character". That is to say they have the potential to bite someone if they perceive them to be an enemy. They are NOT aggressive. (look up 'aggressive' in a dictionary) Our dogs are manerly but protective. We care about ALL our little brothers and sisters, wild and domestic. MPM / Evans GSD, has simply decided to focus on German Shepherd Dogs. If you want help in any way, please email, write, or call.

--Mark A. Evans

Adopting a friend in 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Call or e-mail us about a dog.
  2. We'll conduct a brief telephone interview.
  3. You meet our dog (with all of the family and/or other pets).
  4. We'll bring the dog for a meeting at your home.
  5. All will review & sign adoption agreement and you take custody of your new friend.
There may be variables to these steps, depending on individual circumstances.
MPM / Evans GSD
4931 Roanoke Street
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Phone: 513-674-8517

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