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All the dogs located at the shelter are featured pets!! All the dogs have a special place in my heart and hopefully yours!!! MAKE THE PUTNAM COUNTY DOG SHELTER YOUR FIRST OPTION FOR PET ADOPTION!! HELP SAVE A DOG'S LIFE!


Please remember to renew your Putnam County Dog License starting at the beginning of December. State of Ohio REQUIRES all dogs over the age of 3 months have a dog license purchased from the Auditor's Office and must be worn on the dog. Dog tags are required for all dogs including indoor and outdoor. THIS IS STATE LAW AND YOU CAN BE CHARGED FOR NOT HAVING A DOG LICENSE. Please license your family dog so that he or she may be returned to you if the dog gets lost! All dogs adopted from the Putnam County Dog Shelter comes with a FREE leash and collar to get you started on your new family pet. Also, dog food samples, coupons and handouts are given to each family that adopts a dog. FOR A LIMITED TIME - ALL DOGS WILL BE NEUTERED/SPAYED AT NO COST WITH THE ADOPTION OF A NEW DOG. (Please ask the dog warden for more details - This offer is not valid at this time until the shelter is able to get more grant money to help cover the cost.) ALSO, ALL DOGS WILL HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE BORDETELLA VACCINE WHICH HELPS AGAINST KENNEL COUGH AT NO EXTRA COST!!! ALL DOGS THAT COME INTO THE CARE OF THE PUTNAM COUNTY DOG SHELTER ARE NOW GETTING THE 5-WAY VACCINE WHICH INCLUDES DISTEMPER AND PARVO AT NO EXTRA COST!!! The drop off chute located at the shelter has closed. If a dog needs to be dropped off, please contact the Putnam County Sheriff's Office at (419) 523-3208 or Putnam County Dog Warden at (419) 523-8617 and leave a message. The drop off chutes have closed so that we can gather information about the dog to have a better chance at getting adopted out. Please help the shelter by calling in your pet that needs picked up instead of just dropping it off somewhere which is cruel to the dog. At this time, the shelter no longer accepts cats. The Putnam County Dog Shelter encourges happy pet owners to purchase the State of Ohio "PETS" license plate. Money taken in from the purchase of the license plates helps animals get spayed and neutered! So, please purchase your "PETS" license plates today! The Putnam County Dog Shelter received a grant from ASPCA to install new outdoor cages. These cages will be helpful for the dogs to get some fresh air whenever they want. Before having outdoor cages, the dogs only had a 3ft x 5ft cage and were able to go outside in the morning and the evening. Now, the dogs have an additional 3ft x 5ft outdoor cage. The outdoor cages would never have been possible if it wasn't for ASPCA providing grant money to help shelters enrich the lives of dogs everywhere. Please help support the ASPCA by making a donation to help unwanted dogs so that the dogs maybe able to find their "furever" home sooner!

Who We Are

The Putnam County Dog Shelter is looking for families to adopt a wonderful new dog. We strive to give the dogs at the shelter the best care possible. The shelter loves to adopt out dogs instead of having them put down which is the last resort. So, if you are interested in a dog on the website, please do not hesitate to call the Dog Warden at (419) 523-8617 and leave a message or email the Dog Warden at putcopound@bright.net

Adopting a friend

Those wanting to adopt a pet from the shelter must be at least 18 years old, and are also required to sign a temperment and health release form. If you are interested in adopting one of the pets you have seen on our site, feel free to email at putcopound@bright.net. Thank you for visiting our website and adopting a new friend!

Come Visit Us!

The dog shelter is located at the Putnam County Fairgrounds, on East Second Street, Ottawa, OH. To view dogs without an appointment, you may come to the dog shelter, on Thursdays, from Noon - 1pm, and on Saturdays 9am - 10am. If you can not make the times listed and would like to schedule a appointment to see a dog, please feel free to contact me at (419) 523-8617 and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible. THE DOG'S LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN PERSON!!!!
Putnam County Dog Shelter
Putnam County Fairgrounds
East Second Street
Ottawa, OH 45875

Email: putcopound@bright.net
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