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Who We Are

Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue comprised of a network of volunteers and foster homes in Central Ohio. We focus on rescuing unwanted/neglected/abused/abandoned pit bulls (American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Pit Bull mixes) and senior dogs (of all breeds), because these animals have the fewest rescue resources in Ohio and are so deserving of loving homes.

We do not have a shelter facility--all of our animals are kept in private foster homes, and are evaluated for health and temperament prior to adoption. All our animals are spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to being adopted. We also administer a heartworm test, rabies vaccine, distemper combo vaccine, deworming, applied flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative, and any other veterinary care necessary for the health of the animal.

When necessary, we also rehabilitate animals and help them learn housetraining, crate-training, and obedience training, prior to facilitating their placement into responsible homes. We also provide permanent sanctuary in loving foster homes for dogs that are deemed unadoptable because of medical or behavioral issues.

Additionally, as an organization, Measle's Animal Haven is committed to help relieve the suffering of and prevent cruelty to dogs identified as pit bulls and mixes through the public dissemination of educational information, provide breed-specific education to the public and individuals, and help reduce the number of homeless pit bulls and mixes through the public dissemination of educational information and spaying/neutering/microchipping. We strive to promote a positive image for pit bulls in the community by doing educational seminars and outreach. We also advocate spay/neuter, responsible pit bull ownership, and the humane treatment of dogs.

Surgeries and other procedures/treatments are performed as needed for the animals. For example, one of our rescued kitties, Wolfie, needed surgery to remove a tumor and necrotic tissue from his liver. If he didn't get this surgery, he would die, but with the surgery he would recover fully and live out his natural life. This was an easy decision - we got him the surgery he needed and he is perfectly healthy now! However, his veterinary expenses now total $1,100.00.

When needed, we also rehabilitate animals and help them learn housebreaking and basic obedience training.

Donate to us to help us rescue more needy animals.


Our Forms

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Donations Desperately Needed!!!

Lack of funds for medical care, housing, food, etc., is the other reason we are so limited in how many lives we can save. Please consider donating to us. You will receive a receipt for your donation and your donation will be used solely to save and care for needy dogs and cats.

Measle's Animal Haven operates entirely on private donations from caring people like you. Our foster parents pay for many of our pets' needs out of their own pockets. We are a nonprofit rescue, and the more donations we receive, the more animals we can save! We accept monetary donations as well as supplies. Checks or money orders can be made out to Measle's Animal Haven. Send donations to:

Measle's Animal Haven, Inc.
P.O. Box 4142
Dublin, OH 43016

Adopting a Friend

We only adopt our rescues to loving indoor homes with people who are willing to treat the animal as a family member and commit to the animal for the rest of his/her life. A completed application, meet and greet(s), veterinary references, and adoption contract are required for adoption.

Adopting a Senior Dog or Cat From Us

Many people automatically think of a puppy or kitten when they decide to adopt an animal companion. Of course puppies and kittens are warm and cuddly, and everyone wants to hold and pet them. But, they demand patience and energy to help them become wonderful family members and companions. Older dogs and cats, however, can be as cute and lovable as puppies and kittens, and they come to you housebroken, calm, often already obedience trained (already knowing that furniture is not to be chewed on or scratched up), and with their personalities fully developed.

Many people hesitate to adopt a senior dog or cat because they fear that their time with their new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior dog or cat makes every single day special, as you and your companion share love, friendship, and a special relationship that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine old dog or cat a second chance at life. The love that grows from this knowledge is stronger than the pain of eventual separation.

Senior animals are often the first to be euthanized in shelters and pounds. Overlooked in favor of puppies and kittens, they often do not have a chance and must die to free up space for more puppies and kittens who are constantly being born because irresponsible owners do not spay/neuter their pets. How tragic that these animals have given a family the years of love and then are abandoned to die (sometimes suffocating horribly in gas chambers), alone and afraid, not understanding why they have been discarded by the people they love.

Senior animals make excellent companions for everyone--especially senior people--and they make great companions for the dogs/cats you already have. An older dog can really help calm down a younger one, and help train them to behave properly faster than a human can. Additionally, puppies and kittens are often not good companions for small children (either the puppy/kitten is inadvertently hurt by a child too young to know better, or the puppy/kitten inadvertently nips/scratches the child because they don't know any better either). But, older animals are often wonderful with children (though parents should always responsibly supervise all animal-child interactions with animals of any age).

When you adopt a senior animal, you gain a faithful companion and save a life. Senior dogs and cats generally fit into your household with ease--they find the softest, warmest spot in the house and claim it for their own, but they will share with you, too. Please consider adopting a senior dog or cat today!!

Surrendering an Animal

Our foster space is limited and we are a limited admission organization, so unfortunately Measle's Animal Haven, is not able to accept every animal needing a home.

Measle's Animal Haven, Inc.
P.O. Box 4142
Dublin, OH 43016


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