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Stop The Suffering has a busy summer planned, please visit our Upcoming Events Calendar at http://www.stopthesuffering.org/GetInvolved/UpcomingEvents.aspx and contact rescueteam@stopthesuffering.org if you are able to volunteer or would like more information.

Based on statistics from Cornell University, 75% of all cats and kittens and 56% of dogs and puppies relinquished to shelters are put to death.

Stop the Suffering exists for the sole purpose of rescuing dogs and cats from any shelter that is about to euthanize them.

The cats and dogs rescued by Stop the Suffering are loving animals on the “euthanasia short list”. Contrary to popular belief, perfectly healthy and loveable dogs and cats are euthanized every day simply because they have not been claimed or adopted. In many cases, we rescue an animal hours before it is scheduled to be put to sleep, giving the animal an opportunity to be adopted by a loving family and a second chance at life.

Stop the Suffering is a proud member of Community Shares of Mid-Ohio.          

Adopting A Friend

We are a foster-based organization. This means we have no building of our own, and we can only save as many animals as we have foster homes available for. Please consider fostering an animal in need!

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Who We Are

Who is Stop the Suffering?

Stop The Suffering is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to save the lives of dogs and cats in high kill shelters, primarily in Rural Ohio. We have a network of volunteers who keep a close eye on many animal shelters both local and otherwise. When an animal is placed on the “euthanasia short list” we contact the shelter to let them know we will be coming to rescue the animal.

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You can meet many of our adoptable pets at the Mingle With Our Mutts every FIRST and THIRD Sunday of the month, at the Franklin County Dog Shelter



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