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NOTICE -Spring is just around the corner and we have just the perfect pet for you or your family.
SNUGGLE TIME - WHY NOT CHOOSE A PET TO LOVE? WE HAVE A PERFECT ONE FOR YOU! MARK YOUR CALENDARS -If you are a government worker please remember that we are part of the Combined Federal Campaign. If you have friends who like pets tell them about us also..
If you shop at Kroger's and have a PLUS card, you can help the AWL by just buying groceries!!! Our NPO number is 80817. Register online at Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy. If you need help, Call 866-221-4141.

Donate a Bed
Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda aluminum constructed dog bed to one of our dogs in the name of a friend or family member. Our kennel rooms can only use the 35 x 23 size. Also, we would love a cat tower. Any size you wish to donate. We have eight colony rooms. We would love to try one.
A personalized Gift Card will be mailed to them to inform them of the wonderful gift you have selected for them.
Donate a Kuranda dog bed.


DO IT NOW! PREVENT UNWANTED KITTENS/PUPPIES. Spay or neuter your pets. Contact the Animal Welfare League for discount spay/neuter certificates. CASH ONLY. 323-9223 Monday thru Saturday 11 am to 4 pm. 3 W. Pleasant, Springfield, OH. YOU HAVE THE POWER & IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!
Call 322-1121

Who We Are

In the year 1959, a small group of animal lovers joined together to help the homeless dogs and cats of Clark County, Ohio. Land was purchased, and a welfare farm was established. We're still located at 6330 Willowdale Road, just north of Lawrenceville, and we feed and shelter approximately 175 animals. These animals are all spayed and neutered, and they have all their shots. While our goal is to adopt all the animals at our farm, a shortage of good homes results in a number of permanent residents at the farm.


Adopting a friend

Adoptions may be made by residents within a 40-mile radius of Springfield, Ohio or further away if they are willing to submit 6 designated pictures of their home and property. After selecting a pet you wish to adopt, you will complete an application form. Two members of our adoption committee will visit your home or review the pictures to assure that our pets are placed into an appropriate environment. Our adoption fee of $60 for dogs and $70 for puppies and $35 for cats includes a free one-year membership in the Animal Welfare League. All adoptable pets have been altered, or will be provided with a complimentary spay/neuter certificate.


6330 Willowdale Road
Springfield, Ohio 45502

PETíS NAME___________________________________ DATE_________________

APPLICANTíS - NAME _____________________________________________________



Prior to arriving at the farm, all of our animals have experienced in varying degrees some type of cruelty and/or hardships due to human abuse. It is our objective that these animals never again be subjected to such conditions. Therefore, all applicants will be required to complete an adoption application which will be reviewed by the committee and can be cause for denial. If this application is accepted, then a home visit will be done by the committee members. This visit, along with the application will assist the committee in its decision concerning your request to adopt one of our pets. This policy was established by the AWL Board of Directors.

1. Do you have enough time for a pet? Daily care includes affection, grooming feeding and exercising. Yes No

2. Do you have adequate space for a pet? Yes No _________________________

3. Where will you house this pet?_________________________________________

4. Do you have a secure fenced yard? Yes No

5. How many other dogs and cats do you presently have?___________________

6. Can you afford veterinary care, licensing and grooming costs? Yes No Who is your veterinarian?__________________________

7. A petís behavior may change after it leaves the shelter and adjusts itself to a different environment. Are you willing to be patient in training and housebreaking? Yes No

8. Are you willing to make a commitment to this animal for its entire life? Yes No

9. What happens to the animal if you move from your present location? __________________________________________________________________

10. Are you willing to obey community laws concerning animals? Yes No

11. What will you do with this pet when you go on vacation or have to travel for your job?______________________________________________________________

12. Where are you employed?____________________________________________

13. Who will be the responsible care giver for this pet?_________________________

14. If there are young children in the home, have they been taught the proper way to treat an animal? Yes No

15. Do you own your home? Yes No If you rent, a letter of approval for a pet will be needed from your landlord.

16. If you have previously owned pets, what has happened to them? _________________________________________________________________

∑ Do not prepare for this adoption until it has been approved.

∑ Remember, there could be other applications on this pet.

∑ The committee reserves the right to refuse any adoption. Please do not call.

∑ Everything we do is for the best interests of the animals in our care and is aimed at giving them the best possible chance of finding a permanent home.


Come Visit Us!

From Springfield, follow Rt. 41 west to the Lawrenceville exit. Turn right, and go one block to St. Paris Pike. Turn right on St. Paris Pike, and go one block to Willowdale Rd. Turn left and go approximately 3 miles. The Animal Welfare League farm will be on your right. Look for the sign! The farm is open to visitors on Wednesdays from 9-12, on Saturdays from 12-2, or by appointment. To make an appointment, please call (937) 322-1121.


All proceeds support the animals!

Downtown Thrift Store

3 West Pleasant Street

Springfield, Ohio


Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am till 4:00 pm

Animal Welfare League of Clark County
6330 Willowdale Road

Springfield, OH 45502
Phone: 937-322-1121

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